Opuzz Com Brings You Royalty Free Music In The Palm of Your Hand Opuzz External Hard Drive System

Released on = December 4, 2006, 8:39 am

Press Release Author = Opuzz.com

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Opuzz.com, a provider of high-quality royalty free music
announces their latest LaCie External Hard Drive that puts over 100 CDs of more than
13,000 royalty free music tracks in the palm of your hand. With power users in mind,
the Opuzz Royalty Free Music Library now enables broadcasters, producers, developers
and corporations to have access to their personal portable royalty free music
library on a single stylish ultra-lightweight yet rugged hard drive design by F.A.

Press Release Body = Opuzz.com, announces the launch of its External Hard Drive
System giving power users access to over 100 CDs of more than 13,000 royalty free
music tracks on a stylish ultra-lightweight yet rugged hard drive design by F.A.
Porsche. Targetted at broadcasters, producers, developers, corporations or anyone
that uses music on a frequent basis, this portable drive is pack with a huge
selection of high-quality royalty free music tracks in both WAV and MP3.

The Opuzz library is one of the first and very few royalty free music libraries to
offer their complete library on a compact external hard drive. All their music is
100% privately owned and produced in-house specifically for the Opuzz music library
which adds to the exclusivity that is usually associated with needledrop libraries

The complete Opuzz library of roughly 80GB is loaded onto a special LaCie mobile
drive that weighs only 180g and fits snugly on your palm. It also comes with USB and
Firewire connectivity for your convenience and is plug-and-play for Windows XP/2000
and MAC OS X.

Perfect for the producer on the go or when you need to present your music playlist
options to your client for you latest production, the Opuzz External Hard Drive does
not only functionally make sense but also looks incredible cool. With the hard drive
system, searching for the appropriate music for your productions is now easier and
faster. The hard drive system is a convenient alternative to the more traditional CD
library which the Opuzz Royalty Free Music Library also provides -

For those wondering if there is a way to update the Opuzz Hard Drive with the latest
Opuzz releases. Opuzz confirms that there will be a subscription mode offered to
their Hard Drive customers for latest release updates which they will provide more
information at a later date. Opuzz releases new tracks and CDs on a regular basis.

This product currently is available for US customer only. For orders outside of the
US, please contact Opuzz at support@opuzz.com for a distributor near you.

Learn more about the Opuzz External Hard Drive System:
Opuzz.com Royalty Free Music Library:

Web Site = http://www.opuzz.com

Contact Details = Opuzz.com
8345, NW 66TH Street #7688, Miami, Florida 33166-2626,
Telephone: (Toll free) 1 - 800 - 455 5012
Fax: 1-302-2693972
Contact Person : Vivian MacPartland
E-mail: support@opuzz.com

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