Polarizing Microscopes

Released on = December 15, 2006, 3:07 pm

Press Release Author = Hannah

Industry = Semiconductors

Press Release Summary = Polarizing Microscopes .com is your location for a huge
variety of polarizing light microscopes.

Press Release Body = Polarizing Microscopes .com is a business specializing in
providing high quality affordably priced polarizing and petrographic microscopes.
These microscopes are used in geology and petrology labs and by students in optical
mineralogy for rock and mineral analysis and identification. Transmitted polarized
light is used for viewing birefringent specimens, and can produce a brilliant
spectrum of colors under the right polarized conditions. This type of microscope has
both a polarizer and analyzer, consisting of polarizing filters. When the filter
axes are crossed (at the extinction angle), a condition know as cross polarization
occurs. Polarizing microscopes have this capability, and it becomes a useful tool in
mineral identification.

Be sure to visit their website, www.polarizingmicroscopes.com to view their great
selection of polarized microscopes. They have very competitive prices and a
knowledgeable sales staff. The optical equipment they provide is good for both
student and professional applications. If you need to capture high resolution
digital still images on your computer, be sure to ask about their line of USB
digital microscope cameras. They have a good warranty and money back guarantee on
all their microscopy products. If you are looking for a polarizing microscope, their
site is a good place to visit.

Web Site = http://polarizingmicroscopes.com

Contact Details = P.O. Box 190735
St. Louis MO
Phone#: 1-877-215-3795
Email: sales@polarizingmicroscopes.com
Website: http://polarizingmicroscopes.com

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