Printers in Nottingham Offer Dual Pricing Structure

Released on = December 7, 2006, 6:35 am

Press Release Author = Ibrow Media Ltd

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = To celebrate 3 years in their Nottingham City Centre office,
printers Ibrow Media Ltd have introduced a dual pricing structure.

Press Release Body = Printers Ibrow Media ltd are pleased to announce a new dual
pricing structure.

The need for dual print pricing has arisen as the printing industry in the midlands
has become extremely competitive.

Our new system will allow clients to choose a pricing structure that suits their
pocket dependent on delivery time.

The basic idea is that the longer you are prepared to wait for your printed matter,
the cheaper it will be.

Web Site =

Contact Details = 18 Heathcoat Street
Nottingham NG1 3AA
Tel: 0115 941 1144

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