30 Minutes to Running a More Profitable Retail Store

Released on = January 29, 2007, 8:34 pm

Press Release Author = Jerry Robertson

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = Many retail owners are busy with the day to day operations
of their store. 101 Retail Store owner tips is a quick guide to help an owner become
profitable without taking up much of their time.

Press Release Body = Retail owners who just completed a disappointing holiday season
will find many tips to improve their operation now and improve their profitability
for 2007. "Store owners spend too much time running their store and too little time
running their business" said Jerry Robertson, Author of "101 Retail Store Owner
Tips" and a Retail Consultant with Jrob Consulting LLC.

Here are five sample tips from "101 Retail Store Owner Tips":

1. Smile when greeting a customer in person- Greeting the customer with a smile
makes them feel like a guest in your store. First impressions are critical to any
business. Many customers hear "Can I help you" or something to that effect
everywhere they go. Change it to something different, such as a simple "Hello", and
follow up with something unique.

24. Many employers will not talk with their employees unless; the employee needs to
be disciplined. It would be much better if 75-85% of an employer\'s communication
with an employee is praising the employee for a job / task well done.

41. You should look to get rid of the bottom 10-20% of your product lines yearly and
order new product lines to replace them. Mark down the poor selling product lines to
half off to get rid of them.

53. Make Racks/ Displays full and remove any that you can. Studies have shown that
have an easy to shop open areas will bring more sales than more racks/tables with
cluttered areas. Free up areas with displays bunched up. Less Merchandise with more
space can result in more sales.

101. 90% of the people surveyed who reported succeeding in business or in achieving
a personal dream - other words, 90% of SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE report that they DO SET
90% of the PEOPLE who reported FAILING in business, or failing to achieve a personal
dream or feeling as if they are FLOUNDERING in their life, reported that they DID

The e-book is $3.97 and can be ordered at http://www.jrobconsult.com/

Web Site = http://www.jrobconsult.com

Contact Details = Jerry Robertson
1704 Cherokee Trail
Plano, Texas 75023

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