Employee Assistance Program Provides Online Supervisor Training

Released on = January 21, 2007, 10:41 am

Press Release Author = LifePlan Employee Assistance Program

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = LifePlan Employee Assistance Program, an EAP based in Fort
Wayne, Indiana, is now providing an online training module to help supervisors
identify troubled employees in the workplace.

Press Release Body = Every employee will have a personal problem that affects job
performance at least once in a career. Some employees have chronic problems.
Personal problems of employees cost America\'s industries billions of dollars a year.

When there are troubled employees, there is trouble for the company. Many employee
problems are a result of drug or alcohol abuse, and even more employees have
financial, legal or emotional problems related to broken relationships which are
serious enough to impair job performance. When there are troubled employees, there
is increased absenteeism, increased health care costs, more accidents on the job and
more grievances filed.

LifePlan Employee Assistance Program, an EAP based in Fort Wayne, Indiana is
implementing a new web-based training tool to help assist supervisors in dealing
with troubled employees.

The new online supervisory training will assist supervisors in how to best utilize
LifePlan EAP services when dealing with a workplace concern. This online training
ensures employers that supervisors are well equipped to handle the issues of
troubled employees and are fully aware of how to refer employees and seek advice on
a variety of concerns.

Sandra Tobin, MA, LMHC, CEAP states that there are many reasons why an organization
would prefer an online supervisory training. Among several reasons she cites are:

* To train supervisors who miss live training....
* Train without asking the organization for time....
* Train when convenient - anywhere, anytime....
* Cut training-related costs....
* Train new and promoted supervisors....
* Permit supervisors a quick review of steps prior to referring a troubled
* Save time, paperwork, energy....
* Increase utilization....
* Identify more at-risk troubled employees...

The training includes all basic EAP key concepts; observation, documentation,
confrontation, referral, and follow-up after an EAP referral; avoiding missteps in
the referral process and the mis-management of troubled employees.

The training program includes test questions and on-the-spot, automatic scoring for
the supervisor. Every supervisor will learn, and every supervisor pass.

Other features of the training include:
- Automatically issued Certificate of Completion.
- Printable pages: handouts, flow diagrams, problem performance indicators, and more.
- Takes about 45-60 minutes to complete.
- EAP peer-authored and reviewed.
- Based on the EAP Core Technology and accepted principles of EAP theory.
- Save and return features for interrupted training.

For more information on LifePlan Employee Assistance Program and their other
training modules and services, please call (260) 481-2888 or visit their website at

Web Site = http://www.lifeplan-eap.com

Contact Details = Sandra Tobin
909 East State Street
Fort Wayne , 46805


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