Global Abundance Program Has Now Launched!

Released on = January 16, 2007, 4:00 pm

Press Release Author = Kevin Cromack

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = The Global Abundance Program, a Brand New Automated Systems
Program, has now launched. This Automated Systems Program has 4 Member Levels, from
$795-$4995, and provides FREE LEADS to the top 3 levels. You can also earn with the
very first sale, with G.A.P. This is a program built to last a lifetime!

Press Release Body = The Global Abundance Program,or G.A.P., a Brand New Automated
Systems Program, has now launched. Designed and Created by Networkers who have
built downlines that have earned Millions Online, this program is \"Bridging the
G.A.P. between Possibility and Prosperity\"!

It is an \"All-Star\" program that contains the \"Best of the Best\" of all the programs
our owners have been in, or seen, while discarding those features that they didn\'t

The result: The Global Abundance Program will provide something for everyone! And
our incomes are only limited by our desire to earn.

Here are just a few of our Features:

-We give you FREE LEADS for the first 1-3 months! Continuous emails are sent out to
100,000 leads throughout each month, guiding your prospects to your Website so that
they can investigate all that G.A.P. has to offer.

-We allow you to EARN from the first sale, by splitting your first two sales with
your sponsor.

-We put you on board with the Top Network Marketing Team on the Internet: The
Universal Dream Team ( With the Training and
Tools that you will have access to at UDT, you will have every opportunity to take
your business to the \"Next Level\". We even have a Regular Training call every
Tuesday night.

-G.A.P. Corporate will donate 10% of all its profits to Charities and Missions
Worldwide, to help eliminate poverty and provide hope. This is something that All
G.A.P. members will be able to Track and be proud to tell others about.

So if you are looking for an \"Internet Home\", please follow me to The Global
Abundance Program website. We want Your Success!

Web Site =

Contact Details = Kevin Cromack
5904 Aylford Court
Austin, TX 78739

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