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Press Release Summary = From the desk of Dr Magne, author of Cancer Free For Life

Press Release Body = Is it really possible to achieve your health goals this year?
Is there a way that guarantees that your goals are achieved, or are you at the mercy
of luck?

My answer to you is Yes, you can achieve your health goals. As much as your logical
mind may tell you that effortless goal achievement is impossible, that is still a
conditioned belief.

The amazing thing about the universe where we live is that it is an organized place.
What keeps it going is what called the laws of the universe. Now, these laws never.

There is one specific law that governs the achievement of your goals. This is the
Law of Attraction. You may think of it as harmony, like in music. Like energy
attracts and builds, unlike energy repels and destroys. And like in music, it is the
vibration from the tuning fork that activated other objects in the room to vibrate
as well, vibration is the key. Everything in this universe is made of energy. In
fact, it is energy.

All energy vibrates. You vibrate. You are like a giant transmitter and receiver,
always sending out and receiving frequencies. That vibration rate changes. For
example, when you are happy, you vibrate faster and you feel lighter. So does
everything else.

To achieve something, match yourself with its vibration. How do you know what your
vibration is? You know by what you feel. Your feelings are your indicator of your
vibration. And your imagination, your thoughts, activates your feelings.

1. Write down specifically your health goal, as that crystallizes your thoughts and
gives a boost to the manifestation process.

2. Cut out pictures that correspond to your goal. You use these to match your
vibration to your achieved goal and make it happen. Your health goal would lead you
to imagine what you could do when you are fully healthy and vibrant.

3. You program your conscious, subconscious mind through your emotions, so that they
all match your goal. Take some quiet time to think how it will feel to have your
health back. Write down some specific activities you will do. Will you be able to
play tennis with your grandson again? Will you be wearing a bathing suit on the
beach next summer? Write down the feelings you expect to get from this new car.
Include sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touch. Write down the benefits you will
get from having your health back.

4. Familiarize your conscious, unconscious mind and your emotions with the total
feelings of having achieved your goal already. Close your eyes and imagine yourself
at the point just after you achieve your goal. Run that movie in your head. Do this
10, 20 or even 100 times, until it feels natural to you. It will feel like the next
natural step when it actually happens. Be in that feeling right now. Don't try to
imagine what it will feel like then. Feel it now.

5.Clear any vibrations that contradict your goal. Listen to all the negative
thoughts and beliefs that come up when you visualize your goal. You cannot achieve a
goal if you feel that you are not worthy of achieving such a goal.

6. Once you have eliminated contradicting vibrations, you are done. Whenever you
think of your goal, bring up the total feeling. When a negative feeling comes up,
gently let it go and bring up the positive feeling.

The universe always delivers, but it delivers in the form most suitable to the
vibration it received. What does this mean? You cannot insist that your new state of
health will come through any particular way, or from a particular diet, or a
particular therapy or practitioner.

You cannot insist on the timing either. You do not know what the most efficient
delivery is. Your view is definitely more limited than that of the universe. Any
insisting will only mess with the vibration (you will feel disappointed because you
will have judged yourself based on your insisting). Let go. Detach yourself from the
outcome. A result that matches the vibration you put out will be delivered to you.
That is guaranteed. Let go, detach, as if it didn\'t matter. Let go of that feeling
of neediness. Trust that the result will occur at the right time. Have the faith of
a mustard seed.

8. Act when the opportunity arises. Certain things, books, events and people will
come your way. This is the universe orchestrating a synchronicity of events that
will lead to your goal being achieved. Stay present and alert. When these come, act
upon them. Remember always to be detached. Act purely for the sake of acting, not
insisting on a particular outcome. You will find yourself miraculously having
achieved your goal, out of the blue, step by step, in a most amazing way that you
could not possibly have planned for!

It is true that you can have your health back if you believe it. To learn more about
the power of the mind to heal the body and many stories of the law of attraction,
visit to download your ebook immediately. You will
also find many FREE articles on alternative healing at

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