Jet Advisors Announces Addition of Private Jet Expert to Staff

Released on = January 17, 2007, 1:41 pm

Press Release Author = Athena Dalton

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Bill Knittle brings wealth of experience in fractional jet
services and consulting to Jet Advisors' staff, company hopes to increase private
jet sales.

Press Release Body = Jet Advisors announced the addition of Bill Knittle to their
staff. Bill brings over thirty-five years of experience and will play a key role in
expanding the company's fractional jet ownership sector.

Mr. Knittle will aid the private jet sales team at Jet Advisors, helping to expand
its customer network. Jet Advisors hopes that Mr. Knittle will help them tap into
the rapidly expanding fractional jet ownership industry, a sector that Bill knows
better than most.

Previously, Bill worked as Director of Owners' Services at Corporate Wings and
Flight Options, where he developed a unique business strategy that expanded the
Fractional Jet Ownership department from 11 to 114 fourteen employees in three
years' time. Jet Advisors hopes that Bill's counsel will lead them to similar

"Bill Knittle brings a wealth of aviation and client interaction experience." Said
Kevin O'Leary, President of Jet Advisors. "His many years of serving aviation
clients will give us an insight as to how to establish and evaluate aircraft
management services."

Formerly a United Airlines employee for over thirty years, Bill has an insight into
the aviation industry that is hard to come by. After working with companies such as
United Airlines and Corporate Wings, Bill may have just what it takes to make Jet
Advisors a major contender in the fractional jet ownership industry.

Fractional jet ownership is an important sector of today's chartered flight
industry. Many companies need the flexibility and convenience that a private jet
offers, but can't justify the cost. Buying shares in a business jet is a solution
that more companies and individuals are turning to: it offers the same service, but
greatly reduces costs related to chartered flight, such as routine maintenance,
hangar rental, and manager fees.

For more information about Bill's role in the aircraft acquisition and brokerage
sector, or about Jet Advisors' services, call the Jet Advisors staff or visit

About Jet Advisors:

Jet Advisors assists companies and high net worth individual with their private
aircraft transactions, operations, and management. They are based in Broomfield,
Colorado and routinely handle private jet sales and acquisitions, negotiate charter
card agreements, and provide invoice auditing services. With one hundred years of
combined industry experience and hundreds of aircraft transactions, Jet Advisors is
able to provide accurate and objective information about all aspects of private jet
sales and ownership.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Jet Advisors
303-410-1900 Ext 3

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