Mindsystems and Cirilab announce a Technology Partnership

Released on = January 29, 2007, 2:00 am

Press Release Author = Mindsystems Pty Ltd

Industry = Small Business

Press Release Summary = Mindsystems (Melbourne, Australia) and Cirilab (Ottawa,
Canada) today announced an exciting new technology partnership designed to greatly
expand the use of Cirilab's innovative 'Thematic Analysis' systems.

The initial agreement will allow Mindsystems to provide a direct integration of
Cirilab technologies with Mindjet's MindManager software.

Press Release Body = The initial agreement will allow Mindsystems to provide a
direct integration of Cirilab technologies with Mindjet's MindManager software.

Ron Carriere, Cirilab's Founder and President said: 'This is a critical step forward
for us as it will provide a vital visual interface for our knowledge engine'

John England (Executive Director, Mindsystems) describes Mindsystems as 'The Visual
Thinking Company'. He said: 'This important collaboration will bring a visual
knowledge interface to Mindjet's (MindManager) 750,000 customers. This is a
significant step forward for Cirilab, Mindsystems and ultimately, Mindjet.

The Cirilab develops practical search, retrieval and categorization software
designed to increase organizational productivity by effectively harnessing key
knowledge resources. Information intensive organizations need to increase
responsiveness, efficiency, and innovation by leveraging intelligent information and
knowledge analysis and organization tools that help them make better decisions
faster. They need to turn information overload into Knowledge Power using
Information TriageT based solutions. Cirilab and its partners provide a host of
advanced analysis and organization applications and tools that can leverage your
knowledge to improve your business competitiveness.

In close cooperation with Cirilab, Mindsystems will be developing a series of
MindManager add-ins designed to identify knowledge themes in complex material and
display this information as a MindManager map with associated text note. The first
will be 'Mindsystems PowerReader'. The complete series will be the researcher's
dream! Imagine you are given the task of understanding and reporting on a huge,
multi section document with many different concepts. How do you handle this?

The old way: 2 days +
Take hours to read the document, then repeat it several times over and hope you get
it right! Then open MindManager Pro 6 and try to spill all that information out
into a map, again hoping you don\'t miss anything important!

The new way: 2 minutes
Right click on the document, select \'Mindsystems ThemeReader\' and in seconds produce
a fully fledged MindManager Map, summarising all the key aspects in an easy to read
visual format. You can then drill down into the detail only if you need to, ensuring
you are not confused by irrelevant information.

For more information see: www.mindsystems.com

Web Site = http://www.mindsystems.com

Contact Details = John England||2/40 Young Street||Frankston ,

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