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Released on = January 26, 2007, 1:21 am

Press Release Author = InfoMailers.com

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Unique portal for Corporate News Distribution

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Chandigarh, Chandigarh, Friday, January 26, 2007 ::
Newsmen, public relations agencies, online news portals, wire agencies and all those
connected with the news world have a reason to cheer. A company with its roots in
the region and known for its information-broadcasting initiatives - IndiaTotal
Infoline - has launched a unique service to disseminate information to target groups
as it happens.

The front end of the service, which can be accessed through the website
'www.InfoMailers.com' disseminates news instantaneously to more than 6,000
journalists throughout India, across print, electronic & internet media. "News
Alerts" are mailed to 300,000 Indian net users, including 8,500 top-notch industry
leaders from CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, PHDCII and NASSCOM etc. extending the reach of
the service to all those who matter.

A news release once uploaded on to www.InfoMailers.com remains there forever and is
never taken off. The news releases are picked up by around 200 news websites
globally, and are invariably crawled by major search engines including Google and

This helps to ensure that the company's communications stay at the cutting edge.
InfoMailers.com enables Indian corporations to send their press releases in real
time to the media, investment communities and other stakeholders.

'InfoMailers.com' distributes news across India for various companies interested in
reaching vibrant Indian market. InfoMailers.com's delivery network provides
real-time, simultaneous access to key audiences and puts the corporate companies at
the forefront of the information revolution.

The site offers press release archives coupled with unique search facilities that
can be of great help in research or for reference work.

According to Mr. Narvijay Yadav, Chief Coordinator, IndiaTotal Infoline, the service
is already available in English, Hindi and Punjabi. It is the only corporate news
dissemination platform in the world offering services in all three languages. "We
are working on introducing these services in 7 other Indian languages, namely,
Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi & Bengali by the end of next
month", he said.

The service launched barely 5 months ago boasts of the largest number of membership
from the media fraternity, who have consented to receive news items by email.

Mr Armaan Sharma, Technical Head of the company, said "Our objective let companies
worldwide use our platform to disseminate their news to regulatory services,
financial information systems, conventional and internet-based news platforms,
enabling them to reach the vibrant Indian markets."

The website 'www.InfoMailers.com' allows journalists and non-media members to
receive news releases from leading clients of the service. The service is \'free for
life\', to all those who want to receive news releases via email.
To avail of the service, one has to go through one-time free registration online at
www.infomailers.com or send an email to register@infomailers.com with their
particulars, including topics and interests. ***

For futher information, please contact:

Corporate Newswire
# 3491 / Sector 38-D
CHANDIGARH - 160 014 (India)
Telefax : +91-172-2698351, 2698664
24-Hour Helpline: +91-9316-708090
Mail : info@infomailers.com

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Contact Details = # 3491 / Sector 38-D
CHANDIGARH - 160 014 (India)
Telefax : +91-172-2698351, 2698664
24-Hour Hotline : +91-9316-708090
Mail : info@infomailers.com

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