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An Interview with Lusa Green, founder, Everyman Edict

Lusa Green is a spiritual writer and life coach in personal development and
spiritual growth. In 2004, Green founded Everyman Edict - a web site that features
spiritual books for anyone dedicated to a spiritual path. As a didactic author,
Green writes in personal and spiritual growth topics. Green jokingly reminds us
that the injunction to rest in peace is for the living, not the dead. Green defines
herself as a Euro-African, "I am fond of neologisms," she laughs. As a Portuguese
South African, she describes her life's mission, "I believe I see what is of benefit
to people in the future." Green explains, "We live in a chaotic world. In a
chaotic reality, we live our lives blindly. We forget to feel compassion and we
suffer fatigue. Occasional fatigue is human. We believe life is hard. We use and
abuse. In life, like begets like.

"All we can hope to do in a chaotic world is to try to make sense of what we don't
understand. There is nothing wrong in our good intentions but do we try to make
sense of a bad situation or do we begin to imagine a new situation?"

What would it take to create a better way of life?

"We claim our love of self and one another.

"Consciously directing our thinking allows us to change the way we think and behave.
As we grow in self-love, we claim our love of self and one another. We refuse to
deplete our capacity for self acceptance and appreciation. We disallow feelings of
powerlessness and hopelessness. We redefine our being - we are worthy."

What do you believe is the next step in our evolution?

"We choose to heal and create a reality we can rejoice in. We do not allow our
fears to define who we are any longer. We learn to make appropriate choices."

What do you mean?

"Consider this life experience. I was on my way out. I didn't see her but she
called out -

You've left your book behind.

Silly me! Thank you.

It seems like an interesting book.

It is.

What's it about?

What we do in between lives on earth.
Oh, what's that?

We go home.

I was readying to go. She burst into tears and confided her husband had died two
months earlier. Her best friend's husband had also just died. I stopped and took
care to walk with her. I explained Dr Michael Newton's work on lives between lives
and told her I was deeply impressed with his work. I gave her my copy of Destiny of
Souls and told her to invest in Dr Newton's first book - Journey of Souls.

I'm feeling so much better.

We are blessed with many opportunities to serve our higher Selves.

"Life offers many opportunities for self growth. Our life experiences mirror back
what we truly think and believe. These self-mirroring experiences offer us real
insights. The insights we gain inspire wisdom. We grow in understanding and self
knowledge. We learn to do things differently. There is little point in effecting
change unless it serves to inspire positive change. In achieving a perfect balance,
we live a more evolved human existence. We accept and appreciate ourselves in our
total being. We use our head and follow our hearts. We juggle our balancing act.
We keep an open mind and a willing heart. A lesson learned is never forgotten for
it may happen that the lesson to be repeated is a hard one. The sooner we learn to
trust our Selves, the sooner we learn to make appropriate choices. It is sustained
effort in achieving our perfect balance that we learn to walk the middle way. A
sense of peace and harmony inspires serene and calm expression. We live our being
in harmony. We are one with all creation. Were we not created in God's image?

As I prepare to end the interview, I ask Green to sum up life according to Green
principles -

"We simply allow our birthright. We let Love be. Our inner world is Love. We
choose Love for Love is the source of our being. We dedicate our thoughts to Love
for we are one with Love. Our true purpose is to live our being in Love.

Being one with Love embodies our completeness and wholeness. We choose to live our
being in the Love Divine. We choose to live our being in harmony.

"Our birthright is to be happy!"

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Contact Luisa Green
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