Bellabolsa com, An Online Store That Sells Authentic Designer Handbags, Gains Trust and Eases Doubt Among the Fashion Community

Released on = February 25, 2007, 2:16 pm

Press Release Author = Public Relations,

Industry = Apparel & Fashion

Press Release Summary = Consumers of Authentic Designer Handbags Look to a Website
That Sells the Real Deal.

Press Release Body = Let\'s face it..most women are bargin-hunting for authentic
goods at lower prices. The easiest place to look for a deal these days is on the
internet. Fashionistas of the world think they are getting the \"real deal\" at
substantially low prices, only to get let down when the handbag turns out to be a

What most consumers don\'t understand is that it is nearly impossible to buy
authentic Gucci, Prada, Fendi, and several other designer handbags at 80% - 90% off
retail. It simply does not happen.

Websites selling counterfeit handbags as \"authentic\" have created distrust and
devastation among honest buyers. (means beautiful bag) recognized this disturbing trend two and a half
years ago and built a company based on intergrity and loyalty.

The owner travels to Italy and buys directly from desinger boutiques, authorized
independent boutiques and authorized distributors of the brands. began selling authentic designer handbags at fashion, home, and
corporate shows in the Los Angeles area. This type of marketing created trust among
its worst critics. By bringing the bags to the customers, they a had the
opportunity to see and feel the bags in person.

Educating women about buying authentic bags was part of company\'s goal at the shows.
Teaching women how to spot fake bags and showing them what to lookout for when
buying bags online from the price to the quality of the bags was \"gratifying\".

As grew and developed loyal customers throughout Los Angeles, so did
the demand to create a website. Customers demanded that the company create one so
that they can buy bags directly online without having private purse shows.

Since it first launched in early February 2007, the company has raised the bar and
automated the Online Private Purse Shows, where customers can invite their friends
and family to their show. The host of the show gets 5% of the net sales towards any
bag of their choice. The savings are huge.

Of course, you don\'t have to have a show to purchase a bag.

For more information, please log on to or contact us at 626 821
0097 or at

Web Site =

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713 West Duarte Road
Unit G #333
Arcadia, Ca 91007

626 821 0097

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