Built by Webmasters, Outsite-In Lets Anyone Take Their Fully Dynamic Site Off-line

Released on = February 12, 2007, 2:19 am

Press Release Author = MEDIA Variations - OutSite-In

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = CD multi-media presentations straight from your website.

Press Release Body = A portable, dynamic website on a CD, without an internet
connection? OutSite-In makes the impossible happen and gives new life to websites

Paris, France - MEDIA Variations has released a unique application that resolves
Webmasters\' greatest headache - how to present their website, with all the bells and
whistles, even when offline. The easy-to-use software known as OutSite-In, is now
available for download for $99(US) from the website www.outsite-in.com.

Not just an imitation of a classic off-line browser that converts a website to a
static version, OutSite-In creates a perfect dynamic copy of a website as a CD, DVD,
USB key or software, where every feature developed for the site works just the way
it does on-line. The obvious advantage for webmasters in using OutSite-In is in the
increased number of ways their website can be used: presentations, off-line
education, interactive kiosk for sales, and promotions and publicity opportunities.
OutSite-In makes your web site downloadable, allowing people to move it to their
local drives, and access it quickly, without being online. In addition, OutSite-In
is an easy and cost effective way to back up a website, and even lets webmasters
quickly modify the site\'s content for specific use.

OutSite-In was created by Georges Garcia and Michel Lefranc of MEDIA Variations, a
Paris-based software development company, when they were unable to find an adequate
program to help them present website creative to their company\'s prospective
clients. \"I knew exactly what we needed, something quick and straightforward, and
realized that we were going to have to build the software ourselves,\" said Garcia.
\"Then, it became obvious that everyone else, from corporate clients, to creative
agencies, to individuals, needed an easy to use software too\".

What makes OutSite-In such a unique solution is the inclusion of MEDIA Variations\'
SilAMP technology, a silent distribution manager of AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) which
permits integration without end-user installation. OutSite-In also encrypts PHP
files, so the distribution of the Outersite on a CD, from a USB key or as a software
program, is secure from tampering.

Outsite-In works with Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP, and 2003. The software is
multi-lingual and MEDIA Variations provides training, if needed, in English, French
and Spanish.

For more information about OutSite-In, please go to www.outsite-in.com or contact
MEDIA Variations by email at sales@outsite-in.com

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Evaluation Copy Available on Request

Web Site = http://www.outsite-in.com


Phone Number: 0033663723447
Email: pad@outsite-in.com

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