Chart ModelKit 2 3 is released - new ways of data visualization are available!

Released on = February 20, 2007, 7:31 pm

Press Release Author = Perpetuum Software LLC

Industry = Software

Press Release Summary = Data visualization is a strong challenge for developers. The
use of standard visualization tools does not always address requirements for visual
data representation. Sometimes it is necessary to represent data not as usual bar,
spline or area chart, but as a non-standard figure. Perpetuum Software LLC released
the Chart ModelKit 2.3 which is a .NET charting component providing a rich set of
features for designing unique and functional charts.

Press Release Body = The Chart ModelKit is the first charting solution with the true
WYSIWYG designer. The designer has an intuitive interface and allows fast creation
of a required chart by selecting its elements (axis, legends, labels, etc) and
dragging and dropping them.

The delivery package contains a library of predesigned charts: bar, line, spline,
candlestick, pie, stepline, bubble, points, stock. A new version provides new means
for data visualization. Now you can display values in the chart as thermometers,
tanks, and levels.

The well-designed architecture of the product allows the development of chart
configurations that are difficult or impossible to create using other approaches.
You can use multiple chart elements (axis, areas, series, ticks, labels, etc.) in a
single chart, so it is possible to design charts that address specific needs.

The advanced data binding model provides a unique set of capabilities for
constructing charts without the need to code. All modifications can be done visually
in the designer. With just a few mouse clicks you will get a professionally-looking
chart that can be easily integrated into your Windows Forms application.

The Chart ModelKit is also included in the .Net Dashboard Suite, which is a suite of
graphical components, intended for the creation of digital dashboards, KPIs, and
other data visualization applications. The package contains an advanced
DashBoardViewer component that allows the simultaneous use of charts and gauges in a
single element. By obtaining this product you get the unique means for data
visualization. You will be able to represent incoming data not only as usual bar or
line charts, but also as gauges or by assigning their interactive behavior make them
react to alarming data or alert when the data exceeds defined ranges.

The Chart ModelKit is 100% C# component and it is fully compatible with the .Net
Framework 1.1 / 2.0. All .Net data sources are supported. It is possible to use
multiple data sources in a single chart.

Runtime of the product is royalty-free, so you can distribute the Chart ModelKit
components within your application without any additional fees.

Use cutting-edge data visualization means to make your application more professional!

For more information on the product please visit the product page:

Web Site =

Contact Details = Russia
15 Prospekt Kalinina, 238
Altay 656002

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