Curing Patient Frustration - Alternative Medicine Can Help

Released on = February 23, 2007, 6:08 am

Press Release Author = Dr Laurence Magne

Industry = Healthcare

Press Release Summary = From the desk of Dr Magne, author of Cancer Free for Life

Press Release Body = People are living longer than ever before, largely due to drugs
that help us fight disease (especially infections), and diagnostic techniques that
allow us to take pictures of structures within the body.

However, these technological advances have come at a cost.

Technicians, not doctors, run diagnostic machines. A patient often feels like just
another number, another gall bladder, another heart attack. Hospitals, and doctors,
are overburdened: studies suggest that physicians have just 5 to 6 minutes to spend
with each patient.

Germs have developed resistance to every known antibiotic. Medical insurance
premiums are higher then ever, while insurers more than ever limit access to
physicians we want to see.

Out of this frustration, a shift in health care has come, that evokes care that our
grandmothers knew before the high tech world of \"modern medicine.\"

Physicians who practice integrative medicine are going back to basics, and studying
more \"natural\" healing methodologies. Research into alternative and complementary
therapies regularly reveals breakthroughs, and a promise of better health through
virtually non-toxic approaches. (For some examples, see

Patients have made integrative medicine, the fastest growing segment of the
healthcare industry. Patients are getting the kind of help that they went to the
doctor for. They get a physician that is willing to sit down and talk to them. They
are getting someone who listens.

Integrative medicine includes acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese medicine,
neuro-linguistic programming, behavioral modification, and many more. The use of
certain vitamins, minerals and herbs have been shown to benefit arthritis pain,
diabetes, and some symptoms of asthma, and to help in the prevention of heart
disease, osteoporosis, and some types of cancer.

Medicine will see integration of all the healing arts to best suit patients\' needs.
It is now documented and possible to heal cancer without the devastating effects of
chemotherapy, in itself a cancer-provoking agent. I am able to document many more
ways to treat cancer naturally in Cancer Free For Life, where I describe at length
the processes available to you.

Dr Magne has been researching the origins and causes of disease and cancer for the
past 25 years. Visit to receive a FREE report on The 10
Ways to Cure Cancer Immediately. This article is available for reprint for your
website and newsletter, provided that you maintain its copyright integrity and
include the signature.

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