FlashSpring 2 press release

Released on = February 7, 2007, 2:04 am

Press Release Author = CPS Labs

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = FlashSpring converts PowerPoint to Flash with animations,
transitions and video

Press Release Body = FlashSpring 2.0 makes a break through in PowerPoint to Flash

The popularity of PowerPoint to Flash conversion tools rises year by year. Everyone
who makes presentation in the sphere of education, business, entertainment, etc has
already appreciated their utility at its true value. Having been converted to
compact and portable Flash format, PowerPoint presentation can be published on the
web and viewed online through most of Internet browsers.

Any expert in Flash would say that the task of correct transformation of PowerPoint
presentation into Flash movie is quite difficult as it requires a complex processing
of its every element to keep original appearance and position in Flash movie. High
quality conversion means retaining animations, transitions, multimedia and
interactive elements.

At present time most of PowerPoint to Flash conversion tools use the mix of web
technologies producing a set of Flash and HTML files from PowerPoint presentation.
They apply a special player controlling the playback to make them look as a movie.
This approach is little acceptable if you want to send such a presentation via email
or to publish it on the web. Having received a zipped set of files, a user may doubt
which one should be run to see the presentation.

FlashSpring can make one solid Flash file from a PowerPoint presentation what allows
to use all advantages of Flash format. This solid Flash file can be easily sent via
email. It will be displayed directly in an email client or even can be opened in a
full screen mode with a couple of clicks. It is much easier to show your
presentation online as you will need to upload only one compact file to the web.
Produced with FlashSpring the Flash file will include every detail of your
presentation - audio, video, embedded Flash clips and pictures of all formats and
what is important, the quality of PowerPoint shapes is kept completely. While scaled
FlashSpring movies won't lose their original quality. Wide testing has showed that
FlashSpring is the champion in conversion speed. Besides, FlashSpring 2.0 is able to
process huge presentations with more than 500 slides.

Giving users the revolutionary set of abilities and stunning quality of produced
Flash files, FlashSpring still remains in the medium price range being available for
only $199. Also our company is happy to support educational users providing them
with 40 % discount.

For detailed information about FlashSpring you can visit product site

The information about CPS Labs Ltd, FlashSpring producer, is available on

Web Site = http://www.flashspring.com/products/flashspring_pro.html

Contact Details = Address: Pervomayskaya, Yoshkar-Ola
Russian Federation

Phone Number: +7 8362 630078
Email: submit@flashspring.com

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