Global Resorts Network (GRN) Scam

Released on = February 12, 2007, 2:14 pm

Press Release Author = Randall Neale

Industry = Small Business

Press Release Summary = People who do not put forth any effort whatsoever and are
unwilling to take any risk in life are the first ones to complain and call something
a scam.

Press Release Body = Successful people are successful for taking risks. It is not
like jumping out of an airplane without a chute and hoping to live, but taking
calculated risks.

Sometimes people get trapped into believing that the company they work for is going
to be around forever and that they will never be laid off or downsized. That is
risky in itself. There are people reading this right now that have been laid off
or downsized, or maybe they have put in year after year of dedicated service to
their company with no light at the end of the tunnel.

The days of living paycheck to paycheck can be over with Global Resorts
. Instead of getting up to an alarm clock every morning and driving in
rush hour traffic, wearing suits and skirts, and then answering to a boss who
probably knows less than you, you can wake up whenever you want, wear what you want
and make a lot more money in the comfort of your own home.

Joining Global Resorts Network and working with Team Visible Wealth, people are
minimizing the risk. Team Visible Wealth is growing daily with one-on-one training
for new members and continued training for veteran members. Training includes
marketing on the internet with free resources, marketing in your local area, member
conference calls, sharing ideas, and also a free copy of Neale's Secret, the
ultimate internet marketing e-book. Again, this is just for those of you who want
to make money with Global Resorts Network.

There are thousands of people everywhere who are taking advantage of just the
membership by itself, without even considering the compensation plan. To view the
Perpetual Leverage compensation plan, please visit which is also
located at

The Platinum membership gives people a lifetime travel membership with access to
over 5000 high-end resorts worldwide. These resorts are all 4 and 5 star rated.
For eight days and seven nights in these high-end resorts a GRN member never pays
more than $699 for the entire week. This is not an off-season week either, but for
the entire year. If a person has the means to do so, they can travel every week and
also give away 3 trips to somebody they know.

There are a lot of 4 and 5 star resorts on the member's resort registry that only
cost $298 for the entire week. To view some comparisons please visit

When the 20 year old travel company partnered with Perpetual Leverage, being
regarded as the most lucrative compensation plan ever created, marketers world wide
tuned in and now see the opportunity as it unfolds.

"You have a product that sells itself with ease and a compensation plan that will
make many people millionaires, which I hope to be someday soon. How can you go
wrong? Is it too good to be true, or is it too good to pass up?" Randy states.

The main reason why most home based businesses or small businesses fail is
the lack of prospects viewing the products or opportunity. Joining Team Visible
Wealth at will eliminate this problem by giving all new
members one on one training and multiple no cost marketing tips to get your business
up and running. Each new member will be given the ultimate internet marketing
e-book, Neale's Secret, with hundreds of ideas on how to market their new business.
This training and information will continue to grow as new members join and wish to
share their ideas.

For more information on this remarkable opportunity and a way to change your life,
please visit

Web Site =

Contact Details = Contact: Randy and Courtney Neale

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