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Released on = February 28, 2007, 9:01 am

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Press Release Summary = Through out history we seem to find the people that stand
out most and are remembered as doing similar things.

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Through out history we seem to find the people that stand out most and are
remembered as doing similar things. You can have the best idea or the greatest
product and still not succeed. People often seen to under estimate the value of
others throughout history. You often have your local libraries and the Internet to
help you find information to compensate with the abilities that you lack. The
Internet is a well of extraordinary information.

. Throughout history successful men and women have used other people\'s minds that
are well educated and their fields. They have gathered information from libraries
and newspapers. Keep in mind the information is often within an arms reach that you
are seeking. Information is going to be the gold of the 21st-century.

There are successful people in your field that you can learn from and educate others
in your business to become productive. Let\'s take Henry Ford for example. He was not
considered a well educated man scholastically yet he revolutionized the car industry
with the assembly-line. Henry Ford did not come up with the idea of an assembly-line
it was already in progress throughout the world. Henry Ford adapted the
assembly-line from other businesses to his own industry. Henry Ford used another
persons idea to create a successful business of his own.

A question was once asked to Thomas Edison how many times he had fail before he had
invented the light bulb. His reply was simply I now know 2000 ways not to make a
light bulb. Through persistence Thomas Edison with help from others invented the
incandescent light bulb that we now use to this day. Thomas Edison once said to
become successful you need to have 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Majority of
business people often fail because of a lack of vision and persistence. If you look
back throughout history you\'ll find most of these successful people weather in
business or other fields have often over come obstacles through persistence.

If you want to become successful in business you will need to examine carefully
other successful business people. Like I said earlier in this article you can go to
your local library and the World Wide Web to find a wealth of information about
successful people. Most of these people are no different than you or me. If you
would just spend a little time each day writing down your ideas setting goals and
gathering information on what it is you desire. You will soon find yourself wanting
to learn more. If you could just take a few successful people in your field or
business and start studying their working habits there is a good chance you will be
able to pick up some useful tips to increase your productivity and success.

Study the habits of successful people around you and soon you will become successful.

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