Internet Entrepreneurs Create Automated Web Site Business Opportunity with TrafficWave

Released on = February 15, 2007, 11:35 am

Press Release Author = David M. Bresnahan

Industry = Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary = TrafficWave has inspired a group of Internet entrepreneurs
calling themselves the \"Freedom Team\"to create an automated online business
opportunity. The automated business works like a vending machine online.

Press Release Body = Spring, Texas -- Many people would like to own their own
business on the Internet, but they lack the experience and funds necessary to start,
so a group of Internet entrepreneurs have joined forces to help others start an
automated online business opportunity using TrafficWave.

The group calls themselves the \"Freedom Team\" and offers a free report at sent by E-mail. The report details how to
earn a five-figure monthly income using TrafficWave set up as an Internet vending

\"I like what the members of the "Freedom Team" are doing. I wanted to begin an
online business, and I also like the idea of recruiting others to join the
opportunity as well,\" said Vita Osborn, a member of the Freedom Team.

Her children Mario, Anthony, and Sophia have also joined in the business. "This is a
great family project. Other families can benefit from this too," said Osborn.

The group offers to help anyone start an online business. They provide a web site,
install all the automated software, and provide advertising to bring customers to
the web site. Then the "Freedom Team" helps the new business owner recruit others to
participate through network marketing.

\"For less than $18 anyone can have their own automated business on the Internet. It
works just like a vending machine. People visit the vending machine, get the
information they need, and then they make a purchase without any involvement from
the business owner. I like it because after it was set up all I had to do was run
advertising and the web site did all the rest of the work for me,\" said Mario.

Most people who join a network marketing business opportunity struggle to make
money. The \"Freedom Team\" works with each person who joins to make sure they are

\"When I signed up they went right to work and helped me with everything. They run
ads to help me get customers, and they taught me how to do additional advertising
myself. This is not like some opportunities that recruit you and then wish you luck.
The \'Freedom Team\' act like partners and do most of the work for me,\" said Anthony.

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