Move over, Harry Potter Hogwarts goes Hi-Tech!

Released on = February 8, 2007, 10:43 am

Press Release Author = Rick Bailly

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = MoonPool Coven offers free classes in Witchcraft and
Wizardry - online

Press Release Body = January 26, 2007 -- The MoonPool Coven
(, located north of Boston, has recently made its teachings
available online, free of charge, to sincere seekers around the world. Why are they
using 21st century technology to spread the word about some of the most time-tested
ideas on the planet?

"It was just a natural progression" says Rick Bailly, High Priest and Lead
Instructor. "We are a teaching Coven and have been offering classes to our members
for almost 10 years. This is just the next logical step".

Currently scheduled classes include History of Witchcraft, Songspells, Beginning
Ritual,Astral Projection, and Divination, in addition to rotating elective classes.
For a full list of available classes, visit
Students can register now for the History of Witchcraft class set for Saturday,
February 10 at 10 am eastern.

Plans are in the works to offer three levels of classes, for Dedicants, for
Initiates, and toward an Earth Degree,

"A lot of people are curious about what Wiccans really believe and how it can be
useful to their everyday life," Bailly said. "They know 'there's more out there' but
are still restrained by traditional stereotypes. There are still many people today
who equate Wicca with Satanism. Nothing could be further from the truth"

Wicca is an Earth-Based religion which takes its practices loosely from
non-Judeo/Christian groups, such as the Druids and Native Americans. Although
largely stigmatized by other religious traditions, Wicca has been undergoing a
resurgence since the 1960s due in part to the work of Alistair Crowley, Gerald
Gardner and their followers. Despite renewed interest, practitioners of Wicca are
still misunderstood by the general culture.

Rick Bailly points to the archetypical Halloween figure, the green-faced wart-nosed
witch, as an example. "Here is an image started in the Middle Ages by a corrupt
church to frighten its membership into submission, yet it still perpetuates to this
day. It's a tough stereotype to break through," he said. Bailly adds he has met
thousands of Witches in his 30+ years of study, and none of them have ever had green
faces and warts, even without their make-up or morning coffee.

About MoonPool Coven

The MoonPool Coven was started in the mid-90s by a group of friends who wished to
explore their spirituality free from the traditions of more established religions.
Members have participated in many local events including Pride-Days and food bank
donation drives.

Why haven't more people heard of them? "Many reasons" says Gen Doyle, one of the
group\'s founding members "Mostly because we teach, we don't proselytize. We try to
live our lives as best we can, and usually only discuss our beliefs with those who
we know are sympathetic. Most members are still 'in the broom closet' in some ways.
Family and co-workers may be prejudiced or less than tolerant"


Web Site =

Contact Details = Rick Bailly
326 Concord St
Lowell, Ma 01852

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