New Revolutionary Technology in Indoor and Outdoor Cycling

Released on = February 15, 2007, 8:16 pm

Press Release Author = Alenax (Tianjin) Bicycle Corp.

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = China-based bicycle manufacturer has developed five (5)
innovative pedaling modes, in addition to the conventional circular pedaling motion.

Press Release Body = After many years of engineering research and development, the
Alenax (Tianjin) Bicycle Corp. has come out with five (5) innovative pedaling modes,
in addition to the conventional circular pedaling mode. With this unique
technology, the Alenax bikes have the capability to function alternately, in six (6)
different pedaling modes, including one that closely resembles the body\'s natural
walking and jogging/running motions.
Bikers from all ages can have their choice from 16 models ranging from mountain
bikes, city bikes, track bikes, touring bikes, BMX bikes, or all-terrain bikes.
The company has announced that its electric bikes will be available in May, 2007.
The China National Sports Bureau has awarded Alenax a Certificte as the sole
provider of Recreational, Fitness, Sports and training products for the China
National Bicycle Team. An agreement is underway with the Olympic Committee for the
participation of the Alenax bikes in the Olympic Mark and Bike Event at the 2008
Olympics in Beijing. In December, 2006, the China Product Quality Bureau ranked
the Alenax products in the top 13 among 2,700 famous brands produced in the
Tianjin district.
The Alenax technology has to its credit the \"Invention of the Year award, and four
Gold Medal awards in different International Bike shows.
A worldwide distribution program is being implemented by the company.

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