Online Jazz News TV Show Launches!

Released on = February 14, 2007, 11:59 am

Press Release Author = Brownstone Digital, Inc.

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Brownstone Digital, Inc., announces launch of an online jazz
news and entertainment show, Jazz it Up! The bi-weekly interactive program will be
available free via email to subscribers.

Press Release Body = February 14, 2007

Online Jazz News TV Show Launches!

New York, NY - To fill a gaping void in the jazz media landscape, Brownstone
Digital, Inc. has launched Jazz it Up!, an online jazz news and entertainment
television program available for free to subscribers.

To see the program trailer and subscribe:

The bi-weekly show is co-produced and hosted by Greg Thomas, known in the jazz
community for his work with the Jazz Museum in Harlem, his jazz writing in All About
Jazz-NY, and his jazz radio specials on WBAI-NY (99.5 FM).

Upcoming shows will present features on grand masters Jon Hendricks (at Birdland)
and Grady Tate (from the Blue Note club); saxophonist Tia Fuller (now playing in
Beyonce's all-female backup group) at Sweet Rhythm; the recent IAJE conference, with
performance clips and interviews with a range of artists including NEA Jazz Master
Nancy Wilson (and recent Grammy Award winner), trumpeter Jon Faddis and saxophonist
Donald Harrison; local Harlem organ legend Jimmy "Preacher" Robins live at
Showman's, and much more, for instance an education segment featuring jazz education
consultant Laura Johnson and Robert O'Meally, Director of the Center for Jazz
Studies at Columbia University.

Subscribe now at:

Regular segments of Jazz it Up! include:

Jazz History: a glimpse at pioneering events, places, and people in jazz.

Featured Artist(s): Q&A session and/or live performance by established and
up-and-coming artists.

Industry Buzz: a rundown of the biggest, newest, and latest events and news in jazz.

The Jazz Cat's Meow: the newest music technology used by jazz musicians.

Jazz Insider: a sit-down with big wigs at jazz labels, club owners and event

JazzEd: conversations with jazz historians and professors/teachers.

Youth in Jazz: a look at what young people are doing in the jazz genre.

Visual Reverberation: jazz compositions as interpreted by film students and video

JazzNique: the different styles and techniques of jazz, from swinging and scatting
to riffs and improvisation, will be explained and demonstrated.

Another special aspect of Jazz it Up! is interactivity: viewers can click within the
video television screen at any time and be transported to information about what
they're seeing onscreen.

Sign up now to receive Jazz it Up! directly to your email in-box twice per month!

It's free!

About Brownstone Digital: As an independent interactive content production company,
Brownstone Digital produces programming that specifically targets the online
consumer market. Jazz it Up! has available video commercial spots, segment sponsor,
product placement as well as banner spots. Placements will be seen 24 hours a day,
for 7 days a week to an email subscriber base of 600,000+. Call 212 222-3408 or
email to discuss placement rates.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Phone #: 212 222-3408

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