Radio Station For Cats Condemns Latest Acts Of Animal Cruelty

Released on = February 21, 2007, 1:26 pm

Press Release Author = Cat Galaxy

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Cat Galaxy, the radio station for cats publically condemned
the latest acts of animal cruelty against cats in Phoenix and encouraged its
listeners and members of the public that when they see these types of incidents to
report them.

Press Release Body = February 21, 2007
Scottsdale, AZ---

Cat Galaxy, the radio station for cats is publicly condemning recent acts of animal
cruelty against cats in the Phoenix area and calling for those who perpetrated the
crimes to be brought to justice.

In the last week, two cats rescued by the Arizona Humane Society were victims of
animal cruelty. One was a cat named Valentine that was shot 3 times with a pellet
gun and is now recovering in foster care, while the latest victim was found around
32nd Street and Greenway with rubber bands purposely tied around his genitals, which
caused portions of the tissue to become necrotic due to lack of blood flow. The cat
also had an infection around his scrotum, and he was not able to urinate, causing
severe damage to his bladder and kidneys. The cat was then humanely euthanized to
end his suffering. AHS officials say someone carried out this act of cruelty
possibly two weeks ago and then set the cat lose to suffer.

Cat Galaxy on its Tuesday Night Cat Club broadcast talked about these two cases of
animal cruelty, and urged its human listeners that if they have any information
about them or know who committed the crimes, to report it to local law enforcement
immediately. The station\'s only human DJ also had some strong words for those who
committed these terrible crimes against the cats.

\"We strongly urge that if you witness a case of animal cruelty to report it as soon
as possible. These two cats like many of the feline victims out there of these types
of crimes, don\'t deserve to be treated like this. If you witness a case of animal
abuse happening, don\'t ignore it or pretend it\'s not your problem. Pick up the phone
and call Silent Witness or your local law enforcement agency. The people that
committed these acts of cruelty are despicable and evil individuals and they should
be stopped. If you see a crime against an animal happening and don\'t report it, it\'s
quite a possibility that your cat could be these people\'s next victim. To the people
who committed these atrocities against the two cats, what you did was heinous and
disgusting! We hope that you are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the
law,\" said Nohl Rosen better known on the air as the catprotector.

Rosen also mentioned on the show that keeping your cats indoors is probably another
reason to keep them out of harms way and that Cat Galaxy applauds the AHS\'s efforts
in helping the two cats and other animal cruelty victims despite the two separate

\"The AHS deserves to be thanked for their efforts in helping these cats and many
other victims of animal cruelty. It\'s because of them and the other animal rescue
organizations in our community that many cats have gotten a second chance at a good
and loving home. We here at Cat Galaxy are blessed to have a strong working
relationship with many of them so that many cats can be saved and get a second
chance. However, when one cat falls victim to animal cruelty we all feel it, and
when you\'re a station run by felines you can\'t help but feel angry about these types
of incidents and want to help put a stop to it,\" added Rosen.

The AHS and Silent Witness are offering $5,000 for information in each case that
leads to the arrest or indictment of the person or persons who carried out each act
of animal cruelty. Callers can leave tips by calling 480-WITNESS. For more info
about the Arizona Humane Society go to

For more information about Cat Galaxy and their station visit their web site go to or call 480-980-8541.

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