Three Tips to Grab Cheap Travel Discounts

Released on = February 27, 2007, 6:52 am

Press Release Author = Basin Group

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Each year, many families around the world choose not to
travel because they are too busy, too tired, or simply can not afford to do so.
Traveling can be expensive, but by taking some time to search for discounts that are
readily available through the Internet, magazines, newspapers, and even the Yellow
Pages, more families can take vacations that will stimulate their minds, recharge
their batteries, and create memories that will last a lifetime. For great ideas
about money-saving travel discounts and additional information about all aspects of
travel, visit the newly created and vastly comprehensive website at

Press Release Body = Airfare is usually one of the most costly aspects of vacation
travel. Air travelers are constantly in search of bargain air fares. There a variety
of methods to get discounts on your next airline reservation. First and foremost,
leave or return in the middle of the week--Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday--and stay
at your destination for at least seven days to get a reduced rate. Check out
alternative airports like Midway in Chicago rather than O\'Hare, since smaller
airports often offer cheaper fares. If your plans are flexible, consider
volunteering to be \"bumped\" from a flight in exchange for a cash reward or a future
free ticket. Search discount travel sites online, and check the fares on the budget
airlines not just the major carriers. You can also use sites like to
find a really good deal. Finally, begin earning frequent flier miles without even
flying by filling out survey requests, staying in certain hotels or using special
credit cards.

Another expensive portion of traveling is your ground transportation. Whether you
travel by car, train or bus, there are always methods to save money. You can deals
on rental cars online, but always have a conversation with rental car representative
about insurance, road side assistance, fueling options and other important matters
before you sign a lease agreement. You can also rent recreational vehicles, campers
and trailers at surprisingly low prices especially when consider the fact that you
will not have to spend money on hotel accommodations. Experienced motorcycle riders
can find wonderful deals online as well. If you plan on using mass transportation,
bus tickets are quite inexpensive, but take considerably more time than an plane
flight. Good deals can be found online for subways passes, train trips and ferries
as well. Rail passes in North America and most of Europe can be purchased prior to
your trip to save a great deal of money if you plan to make stops in multiple
destinations. For more tips and suggestions about discount travel, visit

Finally, once you have arrived at your destination, you will need a place to stay.
Extended stays at certain hotels that offer weekly rates is one viable option. Home
exchanges, time shares, house sitting or hostels are other bargain choices. Motel
coupons can often be found on the Web, while many inexpensive bed and breakfasts
that don\'t have an online presence can be found in the Yellow Pages of local phone
books. Some colleges and universities offer discount housing in their dormitories.
Monasteries and religious retreats also provide inexpensive lodging to find peace
and relaxation if you follow their particular guidelines. For more adventurous
travelers, staying in national parks in tents, cabins or RVs is an inexpensive
travel option. If you plan an extended stay or plan to stay in a park frequently,
you can purchase a park pass and save additional money. RV travelers can also stay
in free campgrounds across the country and are welcomed by many big discount stores
like WalMart.

The easiest way to secure travel discount on all the aspects of travel mentioned
above--air fares, lodging, and ground transportation--is through memberships in
certain organizations. Without realizing it, you may already own memberships that
could save you money on your next trip. Businesses like Costco and Sams Club offer
travel discounts and organizations like AARP and AAA (American Automobile
Association) offer travel bargains. A student or a military ID can also lead to
discounts on your travel costs. Seek out the many travel discounts that exist out
there to make your next vacation a memorable and affordable one.

For an RV full of timely information and thousands of tips and suggestions about
travel, visit

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