Tips About Packing for Your Cruise

Released on = February 15, 2007, 9:36 am

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Press Release Summary = You are planning to set sail on a romantic cruise and, if
you are like most travelers, you start packing a month in advance. Your departure
day arrives and you discover that you need to rent a trailer to get all of your
luggage to the cruise terminal! Most often, first time cruise passengers tend to
over pack and spend their entire voyage dealing with bags and suitcases piled up in
their cabin. Remember, everything you bring on board has to go someplace in your
cabin--and these are not large spaces. For answers to all your cruise questions and
waves of valuable information about all aspects of cruising visit the newly created
website at

Press Release Body = When taking a cruise, keep in mind that just as in traveling by
airplane, your luggage is going to be thrown about, X-rayed and possibly even
searched. You should never lock your suitcases since it is highly likely the lock
will cut off during the inspection process. Also like the airlines, you should pack
your valuables, travel documents, jewelry, cash, and credit cards in your carry-on
bags. Most likely, you will not be allowed to take your luggage on board the
ship--just a carry-on. Your luggage will be deposited outside of your cabin door
before the ship departs which may be hours after you have boarded the ship. So be
prepared to get by for those first few hours with what you carried aboard.

Remember, you choose to cruise to have fun and excitement. Most travel agents and
cruise directors would advise you to pack lightly and casually, but bring along one
piece of formal attire just in case. This does not have to be a tuxedo or an evening
gown, but what you typically wear to work if you work in a rather formal business
environment. Personally speaking, I don\'t want to have to get dressed up when I am
on vacation!

There will be laundry facilities on board the ship, so you should pack lightly,
without bringing an entire different matching outfit for each day. Instead, bring
clothing that can be mixed and matched to create different looks. If you really feel
the need to bring several changes of clothes, remember closet and storage space will
be very limited. If you are traveling with your family, it could be quite difficult
to store large quantities of clothing into your limited storage compartments. In
addition, there is good chance that you will be flying to your port of departure and
airlines now have strict baggage and weight limits for your luggage. Save yourself
some hassles, headaches and possibly even some surcharge luggage fees by packing for
a casually good time. Pack for a relaxing getaway, not a three year voyage. For
additional advice and useful tips about cruising, visit

Personal articles like shampoo, toiletries and other items are provided in most ship
cabins at no charge, and are available in on-board convenience stores at reasonable
prices. A lesson learned many years ago is that it is better to pay a slightly
higher price for shampoo and such in the on-board store than to over load my
suitcases with bottles that will probably spill over everything on the way to ship
or during the boarding process.

If you are in doubt as to what exactly to pack, turn to the experts--your fellow
travelers. There are many forums and discussion groups online for cruise travelers
and most offer tips and advice as to what to bring depending on the cruise line,
your destination and the time of year. A little planning can make for a great

For a cruise liner filled with reliable information, tips and suggestions about all
avenues of cruising, visit

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