Forget Myrtle Beach National West Course and you`ll miss a Grand Strand sleeper

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Most golfers come to Myrtle Beach National to play King\'s North. But if you pass on
the West Course, however, you\'ll miss one of the better golf courses in Myrtle

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (March 27, 2007) - Fog cuts across the fairways, lies low in the
bunkers. Towering pines loom everywhere, surely giving an early-rising owl a prime
perch to view your humble game. All you hear is the cracking of a few twigs, the
rustle of several birds.

It\'s difficult to believe you\'re just one car turn, one long driveway and several
golf cart zooms off of Highway 17, the main strip mall stretch of Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach National\'s West Course can take you away like the bubbles from those
old Calgon commercials. You might not feel like you\'re lost in a forest - it\'s still
hard to miss the huge white clubhouse that looks like it should house a museum. But
you won\'t feel like you\'re still in the often frenzied atmosphere of Myrtle Beach,

The shame is that almost nobody knows it. Golfers come to Myrtle Beach National to
play King\'s North, of course - a contender for Myrtle Beach top-10 honors and
shoe-in as one of the top 20 courses on the Grand Strand.

When you have that No. 6 hole with its own Gambler Kenny Rogers plaque - that island
fairway hole that\'s touted as \"The Most Unique Par 5 in all of golf\" - it\'s
inevitable that any sister courses are going to feel like Tito Jackson.

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March 28, 2007
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