FreedomVOICE Systems Launches TalkText Voicemail To Text Conversion Service

Released on = March 28, 2007, 10:48 am

Press Release Author = Bruce Bond/FreedomVOICE Systems

Industry = Telecommunications

Press Release Summary = FreedomVOICE Systems (FVS), a leading provider of a wide
array of integrated virtual office tools, announces the launch of TalkText, a
service that uses advanced technology to convert voicemail messages to email.

Press Release Body = Encinitas, CA.FreedomVOICE Systems (FVS), a leading provider of
a wide array of integrated virtual office tools, announces the launch of TalkText, a
service that uses advanced technology to convert voicemail messages to email.
Powered by SimulScribeT, TalkText allows people to read their telephone messages in
locations where listening to voicemail would be inappropriate.

"FreedomVOICE Systems is the first virtual office service provider to offer an
integrated voice to text solution," said FreedomVOICE Systems Founder and CEO Eric
Thomas. "TalkText is ideal for mobile professionals who can view their phone
messages on their Blackberry, laptop or cell phone. We've all been in meetings, on a
conference call or attending other functions where listening to voicemail would be
frowned upon. Now people can read their voicemail messages and take a course of
action. It makes their time much more productive."

FreedomVOICE Systems officials said they selected New York City-based SimulScribe
because of its unique capabilities and cutting edge technology. TalkText employs
high-level voice recognition software and advanced proprietary algorithms, developed
by SimulScribe, to convert voice messages to email. According to company officials,
the average turn-around time is about two to five minutes, depending on the length
of the message.

FreedomVOICE Systems' research suggests some professionals spend many hours every
week listening to voicemail.

"Attorneys, salesmen and many others receive a large volume of messages which they
then must listen to and sort through," said Thomas. "With TalkText, they can scan
the content of their messages and even use text searching tools like Google. Whether
they are in a meeting, traveling or on the golf course, they can instantly see who
called and what was said. And, they won\'t have to listen to all of their messages to
find out about an important missed call."

Company officials said TalkText in a natural add-on to FreedomVOICE Systems' virtual
office tools which already deliver fax, voice and email to the user's designated
Internet location.

"Now, they'll enjoy the added benefit of being able to read voicemail as text. It's
automated, secure and time-freeing!" said Thomas.

About FreedomVOICE Systems

Founded in 1996, FreedomVOICE Systems (FVS) develops and markets a comprehensive
slate of integrated virtual office tools that allow businesses and professional
offices to interact more effectively with their customers, clients, patients and
associates. FVS' feature-rich systems and flexible technology enable users to
enhance their image, communicate seamlessly whether by voice, fax or email, track
marketing effectiveness and promote their service by increasing their availability.

The company offers a wide array of products and services from 800-number toll free
services to more advanced unified communications systems. For more information,
please call 800-477-1477 or visit our web sites.

About SimulScribe
SimulScribe converts voicemail to text and delivers it via email, SMS text messages
and web interface. Voicemail transcribed through SimulScribe's patented technology
is delivered in near real-time with the caller's phone number in the subject line,
transcribed voice message in the email body and an attached .wav file of the
original audio. SimulScribe provides unlimited voicemail box storage and the voice
recognition system has a transcription accuracy of over 90 percent. The Company's
website is

Web Site =

Contact Details = Bruce Bond
FreedomVOICE Systems
169 Saxony Road
Encinitas, CA 92024

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