Million Email March

Released on = March 15, 2007, 8:08 am

Press Release Author = save-the-usa

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = protest movement goes high tech

Press Release Body = One American citizen who is fed up with the U.S. federal
government's inaction and inability to curb massive illegal immigration into the
United States has launched a 1-million emails campaign to prod Congress and the
president into action.

The citizen, who is apparently uninterested in personal publicity, has launched an
anonymous online blog featuring a Proclamation on illegal immigration. With
millions upon millions of people already illegally residing within the borders of
the U.S., and possibly tens of millions more yet to come, the proclamation charges
U.S. federal politicians with shirking their duty and obligation to protect and
defend the United States and its citizens by allowing unrestricted, undocumented,
unlawful immigration. It further proclaims that massive illegal immigration is
diluting and devaluing American citizenship, adding to crime, and costing U.S.
citizens tens of billions of dollars a year in additional medical, social and
educational services provided to illegal immigrants and their families living in the
U.S. It calls upon U.S. citizens to let their representatives in Washington know
that illegal immigration is a clear and present threat to the sovereignty and
security of the United States and its citizens.

At U.S. citizens can use a link to automatically email the
entire proclamation to the President and Congress. It takes only minutes, there is
nothing to join and it's free.

The goal of is 1 million emails. Using the modern
technology of the internet to launch a protest movement is
on the march. A million emails march.

Web Site = http://save-the-usa,

Contact Details = news4net

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