Poet Provides Successful Intervention For At Risk Children In Public Schools

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for Wide Awake Youth\"

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Author: Habibullah Saleem

Poet Provides Successful Intervention For At Risk Children In Public Schools
CRTL Motivating Techniques Have Proven Track Record

TEMPE, ARIZONA: Power Poetry for Wide Awake Youth challenges youth, teens, parents,
and teachers to redefine the way they see daily realities. Habibullah Saleem has
written an exciting new book titled Power Poetry for Wide Awake Youth. Written in a
fast-paced rap style, the rhyming poems virtually jump off the page and into a young
person\'s life. At-risk students need motivation and encouragement, empathy and
support. They need to be believed in and challenged to be their best. Habibullah
Saleem provides all this in his uniquely written book of poems that should be read
aloud by readers. Power Poetry for Wide Awake Youth, in turns wistful and indignant,
heartening and persuasive, paints a picture of what youth can aspire to be.

"What this Newark resident might be more than anything is an educational visionary,
one with a message worth repeating: that every student, every last one, is capable
of learning." Star Ledger, 2/19/06

Power Poetry for Wide Awake Youth (March 1, 2007, 84 pages and ISBN 978-0-9793577-1-8)

Habibullah Saleem

Habibullah Saleem lives in Newark, New Jersey. He earned a degree in physical
education from Benedict College in South Carolina. He has been a professional
educational consultant for the past forty years. His Creative Reaching, Teaching and
Learning (CRTL) methodology and motivating techniques have a proven track record of
successful intervention for children at risk in elementary and middle public
schools. He has tutored Muhammad Ali's children, run a literacy program for Magic
Johnson, and traveled with Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King III on the Acts of
Kindness Tour during the 1990s.

Journalists: Habibullah Saleem is available for interviews and speaking engagements.
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