SWF and FLV Player revolutionized!

Released on = March 13, 2007, 2:10 am

Press Release Author = SWF Mac Software

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Swift and smart Flash player for Mac with plenty of extra

Press Release Body = These days Eltima makes one step forward in playing Flash
Movies on Apple Macintosh. I\'m sure you have used our SWF Movie Player for Mac and
have evaluated the simplicity and usability of this software. Now we are pleased to
announce that our player has expanded its features and possibilities so much that we
had to rename it. Let us introduce SWF & FLV Player, version 3.0.

Both free and PRO versions have new advanced features; here are some of them:

- We made the 3d edition of the Player fully playback FLV files in free version,
fully support Flash 9 and fully
SWF & FLV Player revolutionized!
understand Czech language

- The redesigned \"movie controls\" bar lets you play, pause, rewind and fast-forward
the movie frame-by-frame as well as zoom the movie in and out, change playing
volume, restore original movie size or make it fit the window.

- We added the ability to make screenshot of the current frame and to convert SWF
movie into series of images.

And this is by no means the only our improvements! Full list of new features can be
found here: http://mac.eltima.com/freeflashplayer.html,
You can download the new version here:

As for the PRO version of SWF & FLV Player, it also contains several new advanced
Among them the ability to make SWF & FLV Player float on top of other windows and to
playback movies in full-screen mode, to convert SWF and FLV movies into series of
images, or, alternatively, make a screenshot of the current frame of the movie with
a single click. If you want to find out more about PRO version, please, visit:

We hope you\'ll enjoy using SWF & FLV Player and will become interested in benefits
of PRO version!

Web Site = http://www.swf-mac.com/swfplayer.html

Contact Details = Address: Lyoner Strasse 26, Frankfurt/Main

Phone Number:
Email: submitmac@eltima.com

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