Volcan Inc Launches Pilot Project in South Pacific Islands of Vanuatu to Save Lives and Property from Volcanic Disaster

Released on = March 8, 2007, 8:48 am

Press Release Author = Volcan News

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Austin, TX based nonprofit, Volcan Inc., raises funds and
support to save villagers from erupting volcanoes in the South Pacific islands of

Press Release Body = Austin, TX - March 8, 2007 - Austin based nonprofit, Volcan
Inc., continues their fundraising campaign to help indigenous peoples of the South
Pacific living on life-threatening, active volcanoes in the country of Vanuatu.

Volcan Inc. launched their website in mid-February to announce their presence into
the world of volcano hazard mitigation. Volcan's team of scientists and
professionals identify communities living on active volcanoes which may not be
getting sufficient support and funding to protect their populations from harm due to
volcanic hazards.

Volcan will be sending their Volcanic Hazards Mitigation Team to the island nation
of Vanuatu in May and June of this year. Their projects will include continued
volcano monitoring efforts at Vanuatu's most active and dangerous volcanoes and to
establish a working relationship with the local scientists and civil defense
agencies to reduce the risk to populations living near these hazardous areas.

Volcan Inc. Executive Director and founder Steven Clegg says, "We are excited to
return to Vanuatu so that we may continue our efforts to preserve and protect the
beautiful people and their incredibly diverse culture."

"Many times these small pockets of indigenous populations are overlooked by larger
agencies and organizations," Clegg explains, "and attention is not paid to these
at-risk communities until after disaster strikes. We think that this is a great
tragedy and hope to identify and assist areas in the world that have been
overlooked, that are under funded, and are in need of outside support and avoid
disaster before it happens."

Volcan Inc. also provides educational programs and presentations in the U.S. to
local schools and organizations. Their educational staff demonstrates through their
presentations the beauty and danger posed by volcanoes and how humans are affected
by erupting volcanoes all over the world.

Web Site = http://www.volcan.org

Contact Details = Volcan Inc.
PO Box 1287
Austin, TX 78767-1287
Tel: 1 512 535 5835
Fax: 1 866 283 8253

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