Waterless Carwash Now Available Throughout America

Released on = March 6, 2007, 4:33 pm

Press Release Author = Gareth Little-Hales

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Water is becoming an increasingly sparce commodity and if we
don\'t use it wisely we could run out of safe drinking water all together.

Press Release Body = It has been said by a number of commentators that the next
world war will not be over oil, it will be over drinking water.

Good, safe, clean drinking water is becoming harder to find and the current global
warming means that less rain is falling in the populated areas of the world.

Companies and households are having to use less water and restrictions are being
imposed in many states and jursidictions. So anything that can reduce our
dependence on water has got to be a good thing.

To help reduce our dependence on water Fuel Freedom International (FFI) has launched
a revolutionary new product called EcoSheen(c).

EcoSheen can be used on practically any surface, including cars, trucks, SUV\'s,
RV\'s, buses and internal windows, ceramic stove tops etc.

Spray it on, wipe it off.

Imagine the benefits: not having to drag out the hose and put it away again, not
having to worry about the \'water police\' fining you for breaking water restrictions,
not having to lug a bucket of hot soapy water, no worries about where the waste
water is going (that soapy water usually ends up in our rivers and streams and can
kill fish and other aquatic wildlife) and best of all being able to save precious
water for drinking.

EcoSheen compliments FFI\'s existing range of fuel saving products including MPG-Caps
and MPG-MegaCaps which will save users 7-14%, or even more, off their vehicle fuel
bill, and MPG-EXtreme which is a microlubricant for oil cooled engines.

EcoSheen is not available in the shops but is widely available from a network of
independent distributors.

For more information, and to order online, visit our website

If you are interested in becoming a Distributor for EcoSheen, and the growing range
other products, check out the \'opportunity\' tab on the website.

Web Site = http://www.gripwise.myffi.biz

Contact Details = Gareth Little-Hales
PO Box 4, Montrose, Vic 3765, Australia
phone/fax +613 94459036

Independent Distributor for Fuel Freedom International.

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