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Released on = March 27, 2007, 3:08 am

Press Release Author = Freetime Soft,Inc

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = WinX DVD Player is a powerful and splendid region free DVD
Player software

Press Release Body = Its impossible for me to become a director, but I am prefer to
make or publish my own DVDS and share it with my friends. One trouble haunting me so
long that program used in authoring my DVD always perform badly; Slowly and poor
picture quality etc, Nobody likes nasty blocky video, I have used such as TNPGEnc
DVD Author; 007 DVD Author; DVD AUTHOR PRO etc, Fortunately, I discover WinX DVD
Author when I feel desperate and helpless. In this topic I have help you to take a

Comparing TNPGEnc DVD Author; DVD AUTHOR PRO; 007 DVD Author with WinX DVD Author,
the latter possess following highlight features:

 Build DVD less than 60 mins faster than others
 Higher quality than others
 Friendly and clearly interface
 Emphasizing easy-of-use that makes it work for casual and professional
users alike
 The best to offer multichannel audio for multi-lingual DVDS and audio filters
 The greatest price $29.90

Speed comparing: Build the same one DVD task:
WinX DVD Author spend 52 mins;
TMPEGnc DVD Author spend 57 mins;
DVD Author pro spend 62 mins;
007 DVD Author spend 71 mins.

Price comparing:
WinX DVD Author $29.90
TMPEGnc DVD Author $89.95 [upgrade] $54.95 [users discount] $61.95
DVD Author pro Author 67.63EUR
007 DVD Author $39.90

My experience with WinX DVD Author is High quality picture; full rich sound;
incredible capability; multifaceted interactivity and inexpensive, Conclusion that
WinX DVD Author own advanced features and flexibility to DVD creation. Emphasizing
ease-of-use that makes it work for casual and professional usersalike, it is the
best DVD creation program in its class to offer fit-to-disc tanscoding and DVD+R
dual layer support, enable you to create menus buttons and chapters or subtitle etc,
Just like use WinX DVD Author help you worldwild publish your DVDS.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Address: 6th street 108, Sydney

Phone Number:

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