3-D Imaging Breakthrough

Released on = April 28, 2007, 7:10 am

Press Release Author = Richard Hooker

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = CQAdvantage today announced a major breakthrough in 3-D
imaging with their launch of the high-speed, low-cost three-dimensional photography
service, PhotoTudes. By combining revolutionary new technological innovations with
studio expertise, PhotoTudes dramatically reduces the cost and labor normally
required for full 3-D portraits or product photographs.

Press Release Body = "PhotoTudes is going to change the face of e-commerce," says
Victor Ciccarelli, CEO of CQAdvan-tage. "E-commerce companies can now offer their
customers a full, interactive, three-dimensional view of their product for about the
same price and effort as offering them a flat, 2-D view."

While 3-D product photography is obviously an advantage for e-commerce, the
prohibitive costs and labor associated with it has made it rare in Web retailing.
Almost all those additional costs are due to the mountain of photo retouching tasks
resulting from the long time it takes to snap all the pictures making up the 3-D
image - over 10 minutes. These long shooting times also make it difficult to shoot
large or living objects. 3-D imaging, for this reason, has largely been limited to
small, lifeless objects that can fit on a table.

Using a computer-controlled array of 17 cameras and a turntable, the PhotoTudes
studio can generate three-dimensional pictures with up to 173 images and stitch them
together in less than 30 seconds, significantly faster than the next fastest system.
Not only does this almost totally eliminate the huge retouching tasks associated
with 3-D photography, it also allows photographers a wider range of subjects, such
as people.

"I know of no-one else who can do this work as fast or as inexpensively as
PhotoTudes," adds Ciccarelli. "And I know of no-one else who has a system that can
shoot things larger than a table-top item, things like people, furniture, and cars,
without a mountain of expensive photo retouching."

The PhotoTudes offers complete studio-to-Web services for 3-D photography, including
preparation, models, and photography, as well as creating and hosting Flash movies
and animated images for the Web. The studio can shoot products as small as three
inches and as large as an SUV.

Ciccarelli sees a future for PhotoTudes far beyond Web retailing. Retailers can
install kiosks in a store and present broader merchandise lines beyond what is on
the shelves, without additional inventory and shrinkage costs. Trade show
presenters, who typically lug hundreds or thousands of products around to trade
shows, can bring CDs with 3-D images and significantly cut down on the physical
products they actually bring to shows.

Phototudes is a division of CQAdvantage, a full-service technology, photography, and
Web technology consulting and firm. With more than ten years experience in software
production, advanced litigation support, document management, software creation, as
well as state-of-the art professional photography and videography solutions,
CQAdvantage stands as an innovation leader in technology-mediated information and
communications management.

Web Site = http://www.phototudes.com

Contact Details = Press contacts
Victor Ciccarelli
CQ Advantage
7909 Silverton Ave. #201
San Diego, CA 92126

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