Badlands Golf Club - A desert course that`s as tough as its name

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Press Release Summary = Badlands Golf Club a devilish desert punisher. Las Vegas
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Press Release Body = LAS VEGAS (April 9, 2007) - Badlands Golf Club isn\'t easy to
find. It\'s off Alta Drive on a little road. There\'s no sign saying \"Badlands this

But that\'s nothing compared to how much trouble you\'ll have locating your golf balls.

Watch your ball go speeding into the desert. See it soar high into the rocks and
stop, never to bounce down again unless a jackrabbit comes along and dislodges it.

Picture designer Johnny Miller yukking it up at your expense.

\"More than anything people talk about how hard a course it is,\" clubhouse attendant
Mike Guido said.

Hard? Some of these desert carries borders on the diabolical.

What Badlands taketh away, it also giveth. You\'ll find a ton of golf balls here
(especially if you\'ve got cacti-resistant clothes and one of those crazy-long ball
retrievers). They just won\'t be yours.

\"We\'re three up on golf balls,\" Pat Shovlin gleefully shouted as our group
approached the sixth hole of our first nine. This despite having chunked plenty into
Miller\'s desert of no return.

It\'s hard to describe Badlands as a \"fun\" course. This 27-hole track is a test,
ready with punishment if your driver or putter are at all wayward. The greens are
speedy, and there are no mounds routing your ball back into the fairway.

Yet Badlands can be a blast to play. A blast with bruises, but a blast nonetheless.

\"I really like this course,\" Connecticut visitor Joey Connors said. \"It kicks some

Probably yours.

This is a Las Vegas course where you need to hit good shots to be rewarded with
anything but a groan. Getting on the green on these par 3s is far from given (our
group managed it about a quarter of the time).

Badlands\' fairways are very green (especially for a Vegas area full of weird water
rules). From the tees it looks like clear sailing as long as you stay out of the
desert rock areas.

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April 6, 2007
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