Bear`s Best golf course in Las Vegas more than just homage to Jack Nicklaus` best

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Bear\'s Best in Las Vegas is no cheesy replica golf course. This collection of Jack
Nicklaus signature holes is tailored to fit the desert surroundings, with service
and conditions that make it one of Vegas\' top high-end options.

LAS VEGAS (April 30, 2007) - It\'s only natural to expect Bear\'s Best to be as cheesy
as Tony Danza in dinner theater.

It\'s a replica golf course, after all. In Las Vegas. Surely there will be a volcano
\"exploding\" near a green, or an irrigation pond posing as the Pacific.

But no, Bear\'s Best turns out to be the rare replica course that tries to fit into
its surroundings. And it succeeds. Jack Nicklaus\' design team came up with an actual
desert course for the desert environs, and the result is one of Las Vegas\' near

Hold the cheesiness. Double the satisfaction.

Think of Bear\'s Best not so much as a collection of Nicklaus signature holes, but as
a course obsessed with great conditions and service. The bag boys will chase you
down in their golf carts rather than let you lug that bag up a little hill.

You\'ll likely remember that type of thing more than which hole came from Cabo San
Lucas and which came from La Quinta.

\"I don\'t even pay attention to the hole names,\" golfer Tim Heilman said. \"I just
enjoy playing the course.\"

Bear\'s Best does have plaques at the tee boxes describing its forebear, if you\'re
interested in that sort of thing. But, blessedly, they don\'t take it too seriously
around here.

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April 30, 2007
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