Dynamic Entrepreneur Creates Passive Income Through The Global Abundance Program

Released on = April 30, 2007, 11:43 am

Press Release Author = The Pinnacle Group

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = Chad Hershey of The Pinnacle Group uses his professional
home business experience and talent to generate wealth using the Global Abundance
Program. GAP is a unique new home based Internet business where even online newbies
are succeeding.

Press Release Body = Chicago, IL -- There are millions of people across the country
who have tried a variety of home based business ideas as a home base business is
eminently appealing. There\'s no commute involved, you can make your own hours, and
you don\'t have to answer to anyone but yourself. Many people have discovered,
though, that they\'re just not cut out for the cold calling, chasing prospects,
answering questions, and receiving calls that most work-at-home businesses or MLMs
require. This is one main reason why people are increasingly turning to The Global
Abundance Program to generate passive income from home.

"GAP is the Home Business 'tidal wave' of the future," says Chad Hershey, "and there
are many GAP members riding it all the way to massive success!"

The Global Abundance Program is as automated as home businesses come. The sales
tools associated with the GAP system are designed to provide you with a full website
complete with professional back office support. "This was done by design, to give
you everything you need in order to spend a minimum amount of time working your
business while maximizing your revenue," states Chad.

Let's take a closer look at GAP:

Fully automated sales tools: You shouldn\'t have to have any specialized technical
knowledge - or any technical knowledge at all to operate a successful home based
business. The GAP system is delivered complete to the new member and is easy to set

Full support services offered: The whole idea of GAP is that you don\'t have to make
or receive calls from any prospects. GAP business advisors handle the presenting,
follow up and closing of all sales.

Multiple income stream potential: The GAP system was designed to allow you to
generate sales from at least six products, opportunities, or affiliate programs of
your choice.

Limitless locations: The Internet is global and so is GAP. Whether you\'re in Paris
or in Podunk, you can take advantage of the GAP opportunity.

Automated payments: Whenever one of the business advisors closes a deal for a
member, that member will receive automatic payments in the form of your choice.

Low start up costs: The GAP system costs only a fraction of what it would cost to
start any other kind of small business or franchise. After all, you don\'t have to
rent office or retail space, hire employees or buy equipment!

To conclude, The Global Abundance Program is a state-of-the-art automated marketing
business for those serious about making money online. The GAP system builds the
member\'s existing business, generates multiple income streams and also promotes

More information on GAP can be found here: http://www.ManifestYourFortune.com

Chad William Hershey of http://www.ManifestYourFortune.com is founder of his own
home based business, The Pinnacle Group. He is a student and mentor of the Universal
Law of Attraction, as seen in The Secret, and believes fully in The Master Key
System. Chad shares his passion and knowledge of being in the home based business
arena for the last 15 years and enjoys helping others succeed with Internet

Web Site = http://www.ManifestYourFortune.com

Contact Details = Chad Hershey

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