European Logistics Markets 2004

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Press Release Summary = Analysis of the key European logistics markets, transport
infrastructure, market sizing, forecasts, industry structure and market shares

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European Logistics Markets 2004

Analysis of the key European logistics markets, transport infrastructure, market
sizing, forecasts, industry structure and market shares

European Logistics Markets 2004 is the industry standard for market sizing,
forecasts and company market shares. It provides an essential reference document for
everyone who needs to understand the structure and key players in the European
logistics and specifically, the European contract logistics market.

Market sizing, forecasts and shares

The report contains profiles of 15 of Europe \'s largest transport and logistics
market as well as a European overview. It includes statistics on each country,
including the size of each transport sector as well as an analysis of the structure
by company size and employment.

The report specifically provides readers with detailed analysis of the size and
growth rates for the contract logistics industry in 15 individual markets as well as
market shares for the leading players.

What can you learn from the report?

The newly published European Logistics Markets 2004 Report provides answers to the
following questions:

Which countries\' logistics markets are developing the fastest?

Which are the largest contract logistics markets in Europe ?

Who are the top ten transport and logistics companies in each of the key markets?

Who are the top contract logistics players in each key market and what is their
market share?

What is the background and history of Europe \'s leading logistics markets?

Market sizing

Transport Intelligence\'s market sizing methodology employs a painstaking 'bottom up\'
examination of each country\'s logistics sector. This has involved examining the
revenues of hundreds of logistics companies across Europe in a comprehensive
research programme.

The result is a reliable source of data providing the best possible basis on which
to build business plans or to develop strategic consulting projects.

Five Year Market Forecasts

Transport Intelligence has developed its own proprietary models for forecasting
growth in the contract logistics market. Each growth model takes into account the
following factors:

Baseline GDP growth

Penetration of in-house logistics operations

Migration of commoditised transport and warehousing business to integrated contract
logistics players

Figures are validated yearly through TI\'s own market surveys.

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