Global Contract Logistics 2006

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Press Release Summary = The global contract logistics sector has been at the
forefront of the many changes which the logistics industry has experienced over the
past twenty years.

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Global Contract Logistics 2006

Collaboration in the Supply Chain
The global contract logistics sector has been at the forefront of the many changes
which the logistics industry has experienced over the past twenty years.
Manufacturers and retailers are increasingly out-sourcing a variety of value adding
logistics functions, above and beyond warehousing and distribution. This trend has
been adopted to varying degrees throughout Europe and the Americas, and is now
increasingly important in the Asia Pacific.

There are many opportunities for logistics companies to extend the range and breadth
of out-sourced services which they can provide and this will fuel growth of the
contract logistics market for many years to come. However nowadays the users of
logistics services are increasingly asking for more from their suppliers. They
realise that logistics costs are likely to increase over the coming years due to
rising fuel, labour and environmental costs. As a result they are looking for a new
approach: collaboration.

Collaboration involves the co-operation of manufacturers, retailers, their suppliers
and logistics providers - parties which have not always traditionally acted in
concert. Transport Intelligence's thought provoking report Global Contract Logistics
2006 examines these initiatives and how they will impact on logistics service

How can Global Contract Logistics 2006 help you?

In addition to examining the latest trends in out-sourcing and collaboration, Global
Contract Logistics 2006 contains comprehensive market data, commentary and company
profiles. It provides answers inter alia to the following questions:

How big are the largest Contract Logistics markets?
How fast are they forecast to grow?
What is the Total Logistics spend in these markets?
Who are the biggest Contract Logistics providers in Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and
the world?
What is their market share?
Which markets have the highest out-sourcing rates?
How fast are the largest companies growing?
Which are the most profitable companies?
How are the biggest players performing?
Global Contract Logistics 2006 is essential reading for everyone who needs a
comprehensive and insightful view of the global Contract Logistics market.

Market sizing & forecasts

Transport Intelligence's market sizing and forecasts for the global logistics
industry are regarded as the industry benchmark, helping companies build business
plans, justify investment programmes (including acquisitions) and track the
industry's development. Global Contract Logistics 2006 provides an insight into the
size and growth of the global contract logistics market, breaking the data down
into many individual regions and countries. The report also includes total
logistics spend as well as out-sourcing penetration rates, employing now well
established and rigorous methodologies.

Company profiles

The Global Contract Logistics sector has transformed out of all recognition in the
last five years with the creation of a handful of 'mega-logistics' giants. Global
Contract Logistics 2006 includes over 20 profiles of the world's largest players
including, inter alia, DHL, Wincanton, Penske, Schneider, Kuehne + Nagel and SembLog
(Toll). Each profile focuses on the company's financials, and where available
includes sales, profitability and margins, providing as much country and sector
granularity as possible. The report also includes commentary on how each company has
performed over the last few years.

Company rankings and shares

The report includes 2005 market rankings and shares for the largest players in the
sector. In addition to Transport Intelligence's existing rankings at European region
and US country level, Global Contract Logistics 2006 includes for the first time
rankings and shares for the fast growing Asia Pacific region. As well as this, the
report looks at company profitability and growth rates. The 'top ten' lists are
essential for anyone who wants to know the shapers of today's logistics industry
whilst company market shares provide visibility on market fragmentation, especially
in an environment in which there is so much on-going consolidation.

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