Golfing Vietnam or The Great Escape - Golf travel ala Steve McQueen

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Press Release Summary = The Great Escape: Golf travel a la Steve McQueen. Read more
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Press Release Body = In the storied history of golf travel, I\'m here to lay good
odds that no golfer has ever traveled from golf course to golf course like Steve
McQueen did in the movie, \"The Great Escape.\"

And yet here I was, careening through the mountains of central Vietnam, having left
Phan Thiet\'s Ocean Dunes Golf Club on the coast en route to the Dalat Palace Golf
Club in a motorcycle sidecar. Just like Steve, when he miraculously jumped that
fence to escape those Nazi thugs.

We didn\'t jump any fences, but we did traverse some pretty rough ground, the old
Russian-made Urals bouncing over rutted roads that climbed through small, dusty
villages and gingerly picking their way over a narrow suspension bridge above a
roaring, mud-brown stream.

Everywhere we went, people stared. Speeding through mountain villages where ethnic
Vietnamese pulled their lives from the high, ragged land, people came out of their
houses to laugh and wave.

Once, a naked child - I believe he was a Hmong, one of the 54 ethnic groups in the
country - mock-charged our group. During the few times we stopped, Vietnamese shyly
and not so shyly came close to look at the vintage motorcycle sidecars.

The history of the odd, powerful machines is as interesting as the wild ride itself.

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April 5, 2007
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