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Jeanette has been gifted ever since she was 5 years old (1959) with a beautiful
singing voice. Along the years she sang in the Chorus group in Jr. High School.
(1967) She went from there in taking 7 years of voice training (1968-1975) in
Hollywood from an unknown teacher George Carr. She then became born again in 1973 at
Pastor Shock\'s Church in Glendale on T.V. Channel 30 KHOF. She started singing (
1975) at the Full Gospel Bus. Men\'s Fellowship in the Wilshire area on Radio KFSG.
In 1976 she sang in the Choir at Christ Church where later she met Pastor Eddie
Parsadanian, She sang on Channel 40 at Christ Church which was televised on Sundays.
From 1977-1982 she sang at the Full gospel Bus. Men\'s Meeting on Radio KFSG & KGER.
She also sang at TBN (1978) on the French PTL with Jock and Gladys Forcan. The
programs (Videos) went to Haidi.
In 1982 she sang at the Dodgers Stadium and sang the National Anthem. She sang for
the Mario Morillo Crusades in 1980 at the Shrine and The Long Beach Auditoriums.
In 1986 she met Pastor Eddie Parsadanian from Christ Church. He was the Assistant
Pastor. They married in 1987 May 2. In 1988 they had their first child Elizabeth. In
1990 they had their 2nd child Jeanetty. In 1995 November 19th Pastor Eddie &
Jeanette were blessed in having their own Church. They started a cable program
together in 1996. Pastor Eddie preaches & Jeanette sings on the T.V. program. In
Glendale, CA every Firday night from 7:30- 8 PM. She has made a few cassette tapes.
Her last one (CD) was made in 2002 August 2nd Called \"I Love You For Who You Are\".
She has made a DVD to her song \"I Love You For Who You Are\".



Her email is:

You Tobe

Web Site =

Contact Details = jeanette
525 glenwood rd #7
glendale, ca

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