Non-Metal Recycling

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In 2004, the UK market for non-metal recycling was worth an estimated 855m - a 25%
increase on the figure for the previous year.

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Non-Metal Recycling

Executive Summary

In 2004, the UK market for non-metal recycling was worth an estimated 855m - a 25%
increase on the figure for the previous year. This report offers a detailed analysis
of sectors such as paper and board, glass and plastics, with additional information
on the recycling of a range of other materials, including electrical and electronic
waste and end-of-life vehicles, both of which are the subject of recent legislation.
The report also analyses recycling in the municipal sector, where the collection of
segregated waste streams for recycling is being introduced on a wide scale.

Trends in recycling are discussed in the context of the waste hierarchy, which
prioritises options for waste management and disposal. Waste reduction, re-use and
recycling are the preferred options because they offer the sustainable use of
natural resources as well as diverting waste from landfill (which is one of the
least desirable options in the waste hierarchy). However, the recycling sector faces
several challenges. The UK is well behind most other EU countries in its use of
recycling, and its waste strategy is still under review. Within the industry, there
is a desire for non-municipal waste to be given a greater emphasis by the
Government. There is ample scope for improvements in waste reduction at source, and
a stronger lead by the Government and large companies would help to encourage more
environmentally responsible purchasing policies. In addition, the increasing
restrictions on waste disposal have stimulated the practice of illegal fly tipping.

If the recycling sector is to have a major impact on waste management, a
comprehensive infrastructure of collection and recycling services will need to be
developed. Specialist services will be required for complex products such as
electrical/electronic equipment and end-of-life vehicles. As part of this
development, the skills base in the recycling sector will have to be improved to
produce a core of managers and operatives capable of running these new companies in
a profitable manner.

In the future, the UK market for non-metal recycling is expected to grow as
legislation tightens in two directions: restrictions on landfill (with punitive
taxes) and stipulations as to how specific waste streams should be recycled. This
legislation will need to be accompanied by the licensing of recyclers, greater
producer responsibility and the willingness of equipment users to ensure that
discarded products are recycled through the proper channels.

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