Recruitmentsector com organizes Best Blog of the Month contest

Released on = April 3, 2007, 1:23 am

Press Release Author = Teodora Hristova/

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = The author of the most interesting and most commented
article will receive a 50₤ Amazon gift card.

Press Release Body = The idea behind this contest can be termed a grand experiment. is to see what happens when you combine the talent and
expertise of some of the best recruiters and HR specialists with great ideas and
feedback from everyone else.

The contest rules are the following. Authors have to first register on the site in
order to be able to post articles. Contestants have a 30-day period through which
they can write as many blog entries as they wish. The articles, though, have to be
based on recruitment issues, current events from the HR industry, opinions, etc.
After the entry is uploaded, it will receive a certain number of hits and feedback.
The system of determining the Best and Most Interesting article for the given month
is based on the formula: number of hits/article divided by number of feedbacks
given/article. The closer the number is to one (1), the more chances the author has
to be the winner.

The essence behind the structure of what makes an article interesting and the
content grabbing is not only how many times it has been read i.e. number of hits,
but also how many people have decided to share their opinion on the issues
discussed. So, in a sense, it is mostly up to you, the readers of to decide which blog entry and its author deserve the label
Best Blog of the Month.

The prize is a 50₤ Amazon gift card, which gives the freedom to be used for
all kinds of purchases and thus it is not limited by interests.
Hopefully, the contest will bring up interesting and innovative entries each month,
and it\'ll be up to you to help decide which ideas make the cut, and how they evolve
throughout the event. Sit back and enjoy. This is going to be an insanely great
ride, especially if you take part in it!
For more information regarding the contest, its rules and other general issues visit
About: is an innovative online community for company and
agency consultants. Whether they are posting professionally written articles,
sharing ideas and thoughts from their sphere of business or just enjoying the
various features of the site, these high-performance enthusiasts can call their online home. This website was created for recruiters,
aimed at recruiters and read by recruiters but our initial aim is to inform all
kinds of readers with news and facts from the recruitment industry.

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