Strong Leadership Needed to Address Continuing Airline Woes

Released on = April 11, 2007, 7:10 pm

Press Release Author = Byron Cherry /

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = There are various reasons for the growing frustrations of
airline passengers, but who is to blame?

Press Release Body = NORTHERN VIRGNIA- Lost luggage, delayed or cancelled flights,
and security breaches-airline industry leaders say that these consumer frustrations
are due to weather, increased traffic, and just plain human error. Dr. Byron Cherry,
author of Are We Safer Now? Airline Security in a Post 9/11 Society, says poor
leadership is to blame.

"Research supports the fact that leadership is the single most critical factor in
the success of an organization," states Cherry. "The research I conducted for this
book shows that the airline industry has been taken over by the very industry it
regulates. Thus, airline safety and security has become more precarious for
consumers," Cherry continued.

So, in light of the recent reports and the long-term trend of declining consumer
satisfaction, what should consumers expect from the people in charge of the airline
industry? "First and foremost," Cherry states, "travelers want to feel a sense of
security and be safe at the same time when they travel. As I continue to study this
industry, consumers look to leaders of these organizations to actually lead.
Passengers want honest, forthright answers to their questions, and they want to feel

Research has also shown that travelers want consistent and standardized safety and
security measures across the United States. In other words, they want to see the
same level of security in large airports as well as small airports. "This isn't
happening right now," said Cherry. "The recent reports about baggage handlers and
flight attendants passing through security with prohibited items proves that
security measures are not the same for all persons at all locations," he continued.
Cherry believes that until industry leaders take a step back, address the weaknesses
in the industry, and focus on a win-win for both passengers and the airline
industry, security and safety issues will continue and customer satisfaction and
trust in the industry will plummet. Some airlines are already experiencing this lack
of customer trust in the form of empty seats on their planes. This trend will
continue if consumers do not see change within the industry soon.

Dr. Byron Cherry is a national speaker on the topic of leadership. In addition to
his book, Are We Safer Now? Airline Security in a Post 9/11 Society, he has authored
and co-authored numerous articles on airline security and safety. He is also an
adjunct professor at Regent University, Troy University, and LeTourneau University
where he teaches on the subjects of leadership, strategy, and organizational theory
and management. Dr. Cherry can be reached at, or at

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