The New Production Chain

Released on = April 16, 2007, 10:32 pm

Press Release Author = Bharat Book Bureau

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = Analysis of new Production Chain
OEM Manufacturing Strategies
Profiles of leading logistics suppliers

Press Release Body = Report coverage includes:

Analysis of new Production Chain
OEM Manufacturing Strategies
Profiles of leading logistics suppliers
Profiles of manufacturing equipment suppliers

Changing roles of assembly and logistics suppliers in New Production Chain :

The vehicle production industry is evolving beyond recognition. Car manufacturing is
being rebuilt. Carmakers have been rethinking their business models in response to
consumer demands, competitive pressures and shareholder dissatisfaction with the
industry\'s returns. They are redefining their core competences.

In many plants they are stepping back from direct involvement in many of the
operations that they have traditionally undertaken in their plants and regarded as
core. Increasingly they are rolling out best practises across older plants, or
closing those facilities.

First tier suppliers have to adjust to these changes by reshaping their assets and
skill base to take advantage of the new opportunities and to meet new demands. They
too must look carefully at what they do best in order to avoid taking on excessive

In the gap between OEMs and first tiers, new logistics and facilities businesses are
growing to manage the interfaces of the new system.

The changes involved amount to a new production chain in the industry, one where the
successful business could have a substantially different shape from the successful
business under the traditional industry model.

\"The New Production Chain\" looks at these trends and maps out some of the ways in
which businesses will have to adapt in the next several years.

One section will look at the currents stage of production chain rebuilding at the
major OEMs and compare their strategies. Another section will look at some of the
major players in the new production chain, looking at the major equipment providers
for the production process but also focussing on non-traditional suppliers of
services such as logistics.

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