Understanding - and talking about - the dreaded yips

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Although golfers don\'t have the market cornered on superstition, there are certain
things in the game that simply aren\'t done in many circles. You don\'t talk about it
when someone\'s having a great round, you don\'t jinx a birdie putt, and you never
talk about or even acknowledge that \"the yips\" exist. This is your warning to stop
reading now if the topic makes you uncomfortable

I have been a golfer for less than three years, but ever since the beginning, I have
devoured all the information I can find that I think might improve my game. In that
time, I\'ve heard mention of the yips a couple times from acquaintances or on TV and
read exactly one article on the subject. I came to understand that what I originally
thought was a nicer name for choking under pressure was probably a real and serious
affliction. I also learned that the subject is practically taboo to discuss. Few
people actually know that much about it or are willing to talk about it if they do.
I recently learned that even people who have the yips might not really understand
what\'s going on.

Just last week, a friend confessed to me that he has been suffering from the yips
for about 20 years. My curiosity got the better of me and after a cautious approach
I discovered he wasn\'t afraid to talk about it. Perhaps more surprising was that my
superstitious self wasn\'t afraid to, either. I was simply too intrigued. We had
never played golf together before, so I hadn\'t witnessed it. He agreed to play a
round with me so we could remedy that and I could learn more.

On the practice green, I noticed an unusual stroke, but he was making smooth,
confident putts that were finding the hole. When we got to the green on the first
hole, everything changed. That unusual stroke I saw became more pronounced. Rather
than moving the putter straight back and swinging like a pendulum, he pulled it
almost directly towards his back heel and when he struck the ball it almost snapped
back to being in line, but it was like a spasm. The stroke on his longer putts,
while not pretty, was more effective, but the closer he got to the hole, the more
dramatic the spasms became. It was bizarre. When he got to within 3 feet (what
others might call \"gimmes\" and he calls the \"throw-up zone\"), he would often turn
around and putt left handed because that\'s how he has learned to somewhat overcome
the problem

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April 30, 2007
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