California lady fed-up with cat breeders corrupt business practices develops free public service for consumers of pedigree cats

Released on = May 26, 2007, 7:08 pm

Press Release Author = Rose Marie Zizzo

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Consumers before you intend to purchase an expensive
pedigree cat visit our site to find out whom NOT to purchase from

Press Release Body = California lady fed-up with cat breeders corrupt business
practices develops free public service for consumers of pedigree cats

Bad Pedigree Cat Breeder\'s Info Website: was founded
exclusively to be an relentless advocate* for the rights of all buyer\'s of
expensive pedigree cats anywhere in the world.

Bad Pedigree Cat Breeder\'s Info is a non-profit, \"watchdog\", charitable, legal
corporation, registered & copyrighted, to benefit the welfare of the public at
large, an advocate for all buyers of pedigreed cats worldwide. If you are a
pedigreed cat buyer and you have sold, bought, traded or leased or raise
registered pedigreed felines, this site maybe for you.

This website is free public service for potential buyers of pedigree cats, who
is shopping for a honest breeder & want a healthy kittens/cats. Bad Pedigree Cat
Breeder\'s Info similar to the non profit corporations for consumers called
Consumer Affairs, or Consumer Protection or the Better Business Bureau. This
website is also for the protection, prevention, welfare & rights of pedigree
felines very similar to the Humane Society.

If you have had a negative or positive experience dealing with a pedigree cat
breeder either in word, action or deed/s that was done to \"you\", [no hearsay]
then I feel its important to be able to express what has happened to us dealing
with this experience/s. We also should also be able to share the positive side
of dealing with pedigree cat breeders, and the many wonderful, caring pedigree
cat breeders there are, that has helped us as mentors with the caring of our
kittens and cats.

This site is totally, 100%, committed, devoted, with unrelenting determination,
to bring forth to the public [prospective pedigree buyers], information about
pedigree-cat breeders & their conduct, values, ethics & breeding practices
either good or bad. Which basically deals with the character of a individual.

Since this site is a public chartable service for the public consumer [potential
cat buyer] & for the welfare of pedigree felines, therefore the public has the
right to know about all this information. absolute disclosure, including:

* Reports,
* Statement of Facts,
* Synopsis from various government agencies such as:
* Arrests,Jails,Animal Control, Newspapers, etc., etc. of
bad/unfavorable/unacceptable bad cat breeder\'s listed on this site!
* Especially directly concerning with the purchasing of pedigree cats or
kittens for pets or breeders or show.

* This site represents [0 tolerance] for deceiving prospective pedigree cat
buyers & for misleading and disrespecting the public\'s integrity.

* This site is about Freedom of Speech in the United States of America,
expressed by our civil liberties.
* B-PCB.INFO is NOT about destroying the reputations of pedigree cat
breeders over the whim, that a person writes a false complaint.
* Each complaint must have documented proof to support your claim.
* B-PCB.INFO does however have unrelenting determination to guarantee.
* \"If\" you are doing something wrong, unappropriate
* Unacceptable to your fellow citizens [buyer/consumers] dealing with
ACTIONS, WORDS or DEEDS dealing with pedigree cat puchasing.
* Or causing our pedigree felines harm, you will no longer have, any kind of
reputation, as a \"creditable\" pedigree-cat breeder anywhere in the WORLD!.
* Your name and cattery name will be recongized & known as a Bad Cat Breeder.
* It will be transmitted across the WWW & the entire world.
* Because your endeavor in pedigree~cat breeding will be extinguished
* That is a promised for certain!

o Each complaint is followed up and contacts are made to all parties
involved. An investigation process then begins.
o Proof is then obtained!
o Such proof would be reciepts caring for sick kittys.
o Veterinarian bills
o Cancelled checks/bank statements
o Animal control wardens testimonies
o Video\'s taken by wardens of animal control
o Witnesses who has been to a house of a breeder, who\'s home is
filthy, deplorable or nasty
o Consultation with veterinarians who has cared for sick kittys
o Breeders contracts for withheld papers.

There are 2 sides to each story and it is followed up very carfully and
deliberately. This site is here for the public for [buyers, consumers. ]
Which includes other pedigree cat breeders, private persons who deal with
pedigree feline cat breeders.

This organization is here as an Advocate for the innocent. Which means
\"one who pleads anothers cause or in support of something. This
organization is NOT here because you do not like a particular breeder and
want to harm them by stating lies and filing false complaints! Let us be
very clear about this, this site is not about slander. The meaning of
slander is: the utterance of a falsehood a falacy or a lie that damages &
attacks the reputation of a person. That is what slander means.

Since I have been dealing with breeding cats I just can not believe how
many horror stories I have heard about cat breeders/private persons
getting hurt, cheated, lied to, minipulated by other cat breeders, having
contracts broken, being used, being taken advantage of, getting
backstabbed, and not to neglect to mention gossip and troublemaking within
the cat fancy society of cat breeder\'s, and not to forget cat breeder\'s
actually selling sickly kittys & buyer\'s suffering the emotional &
financial effects of this unjustice.

And all these years there just has been no place to go, to be able to
express how we have been treated. Well its here, finally a place to
come,to be able to express how we were treated, either bad or good.

o This corporation is within legal requirement & compliance to all
state, & federal laws. Registered & Copyright in the USA, but will
serve the entire world.

+ Consumer\'s who would like to purchase a pedigree kitty and
would like to KNOW which sellers NOT to purchase from go to the
Bad Pedigree Cat Breeders Info

1 : one that pleads the cause of another;
2 : one that defends or maintains a cause or proposal
T Bad Pedigree~Cat Breeder\'s Society.Info All Rights

Web Site =

Contact Details = Name of site: Beware Pedigree Cat Breeders Info
all contacts are done through the computer

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