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A lot of players seem to have trouble taking their \"driving range\" game to the
course. We hit it so pure on the range but yet when the bell rings and we go to the
golf course there is a complete change of personality.

A perfectly logical, smooth swinger transforms into the \"Hulk\" and everything that
they have been working on to get their games in shape suddenly disappears.

Most players have a range game and an on-course game, but can\'t seem to fit them
together. The key is to practice like you play.

If you are quick and aggressive on the course then you need to practice the same
way. There is no use practicing something that you\'re not going to use and put into
play, so stop beating yourself up and get in the game!

Golf practice time is just for that - practice.

If you are extremely quick on the course then practice that way and if you are a
slow smooth swinger of the club then practice that. Whatever your \"style\" and tempo,
are spend time rehearsing them and quit wasting time trying to do something that is
different then normal

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May 18, 2007
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