How to EXPLODE YOUR MLM Home Based Business Opportunities

Released on = May 8, 2007, 5:06 am

Press Release Author = Rick Mendoza/HYIP Monotor

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = Your practical guide for choosing the best mlm business

Press Release Body = \"MLM" is short for Multi-Level-Marketing - mlm business. This
term mlm business is often used to describe mlm business opportunities where the
goal is to both sell a product or service as well as recruit other individuals to
join the business with you - others who could ultimately end up being your
competition. While this sounds like a strange way to do business - inviting others
to compete against you -- it actually works for many people.

There are a few network marketing opportunities - mlm business that are just scams.
There are far more that may be well-intentioned, but have a poor track record, for
any number of reasons. So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?
Here are ten tips to help you pick the right network marketing opportunity for you.

Some well-known MLM companies include Amway, Herbalife, and Prepaid Legal Services.
There are hundreds more that sell home or personal products, vitamins and
nutritional supplements, jewelry, house wares, arts and crafts, telecommunications
services, and work-from-home business opportunities.

While both men and women work in MLM, many of the products target women and involve
holding parties in the home to demonstrate the various products. They usually offer
special prizes to anyone willing to host an event in their home, which is how they
find new salespeople for both the products as well as the business opportunity.

If you're interested in MLM - mlm business for yourself, you should know a few
things if you hope to be successful: First, success requires a real commitment of
time and money.
In some MLM opportunities, you may have to keep a certain amount of inventory in
stock, which you pay for in advance. This is where the time commitment comes in, as
you'll need to market the inventory to friends, family members and other potential

And secondly, you should choose the products you sell very carefully. For instance,
if you buy too much inventory, especially something that turns out to be just a fad,
you could end up with thousands of dollars of inventory in your MLM business and no
one interested in buying it!

If you want the efforts you put in today to pay off for many years in the future,
choose an mlm business company that has proven that it will be around for the long
term. 90% of all network marketing companies FAIL within their first 2 months. You
don\'t want to invest your precious time and resources.

Does it have the cash that it will need to grow, to maintain a solid infrastructure,
to attract talented management, to keep pace with technology - and, of course, to
pay your commissions! (I prefer publicly traded companies because they\'re required
to disclose their financial condition in DETAIL every 90 days to the SEC and other
governmental agencies. You may not be able to obtain this information on a private
company, so you\'ll be taking a risk on its financial condition.)

You\'ve probably heard horror stories about people ending up with a garage full of
expensive water filters - the reason that happens is because only other distributors
will purchase the product at that price! Your product or service must fill a REAL
need at a fair price - and there should be a large untapped market for it. In other
words, it MUST provide tremendous value, so the customer is the biggest winner.

The mlm business company must have automated systems that can do the heavy lifting
(i.e., selling and sorting) for you so that you can use your limited time

Although this may not be an element of your current JOB, we think it\\\'s important!
You should have a lot of fun with your business partners while you work together to
build a long term business and your financial army.

Our recommendation is They have a proven automatic marketing system
that generates profits and eliminates all the pitfalls that you face with starting a
new mlm business opportunity.

With your typical mlm home based business, there are alot of requirements for the
new recruit to maintain and achieve in order to maximize the mlm compensation plan.
With Callcom Inc., all you need is to make your first few sales and you are
qualified to be eligible to receive the highest commission structure in the
industry...and the best thing is that you do not need to re-qualify again like with
most mlm home based business.

The biggest complaint I have with most mlm business opportunities is the small
commissions. With Callcom Inc., you will receive 100% of your commission due to you!

So there you have it - my criteria for selecting a superior network marketing
opportunity. Of course, even with a great company like Callcom Inc., there\'s no such
thing as a free lunch. You WILL have to work! But, with the right opportunity
(unlike your job), it won\'t have to be forever!

For more information on Callcom Inc., please visit

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