Internet Millionaire Reveals How to Dominate Any Niche Using
Free Google Ads


Released on = May 18, 2007, 7:15 am

Press Release Author = Jorge M. Vega

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = After a lengthy 8 years of trial and error, a retired New York doctor, whose real name is Dr. Jon Cohen, has developed an apparently foolproof technique for placing Google ads, as many as you wish in any category that you wish, without any out of pocket expense.

Press Release Body = Using these techniques, Dr. Cohen claims he has, during this 8 year period, received over $87 million worth of free ads from the Internet Pay Per Click juggernaut, and as a result, has personally profited by more than $314 dollars. He has sold products in all different kinds of categories, eliminating his competition at every turn just by employing his secret.

He has started over fifteen online businesses that specialized in selling everything from pet food to men and women's clothing, all the way down to electronic toys and video games software (such as PlayStation, XBox, GameBoy, etc.), and all the while getting free pay-per-click advertising.

"What's even more astounding," according to Dr. Cohen, "is that there is absolutely no competitor on the Internet, regardless of what niche or keyword they're currently dominating, that I can't easily topple with this system. And, doing so, will cost me nothing at all for google ads. It's just a question of picking my turf."

Bursting with confidence, he goes on to say, "Just imagine to what level you can take your own business, or any other business you wish to apply this to, if your Internet related advertising costs get cut down to zero. Armed with such a weapon, there's very little you cannot accomplish, in terms of marketing."

Once he officially entered the ranks of the Internet entrepreneurs in 1999, it took Dr. Cohen about two years, all the while experimenting with highly-targeted pay-per-click advertising, to discover an oversight that most other online promoters were missing, which allows him to get millions of dollars worth of highly productive PPC ads completely for free.

"Other marketers scrape for leftovers, and fight like dogs just to try to get a decent placement on Google Adwords, all the while risking their advertising budgets, sometimes even their businesses, as a result. Using my system, I calmly come in and take over, blowing them all out of the water. It sounds cruel, but my secret gives me an unfair advantage, you see, and with the kinds of profits at stake here, I'd be a fool to have misgivings about using it."

His secret allows him to dominate any category for any set of keyword or keyword phrases, because, not only can he can outbid any competitor, but to add insult to injury, he can set his daily budget well above theirs. Such a combination sounds, well, unbeatable and downright scary.

Just in the last three years alone, he claims to have sold over $165 million worth of product. This latest benchmark is, according to the good doctor, a result of having developed and perfected his secret into a finely honed weapon.

Lastly, you should know that nothing he's doing is illegal, nor does it siphon off revenue from the pay-per-click search engines. Quite the opposite, his participation brings them even more revenue.

For a limited time only, the secret in its entirety, is being made available for your use and profit at

After all this time, the good doctor has decided that releasing his secret poses no threat to his own wealth or to his continued application of it, and he's allowing for a limited number of copies to be sold before withdrawing it permanently.

So, if you think that getting $1 million in pay-per-click ads from Google might be of some help to your business, then I politely suggest you hurry and look into this before the doctor rethinks his position and removes it permanently from the market.

Web Site =

Contact Details = P.O. Box 10-0894
Brooklyn, NY 11210-0894


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